Aug 17th - 23rd Downloads
& DVDs
  •  The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021):

    This action-thriller with a comedy twist has been poorly reviewed and no one seems to like it except the people who flocked to theatres to see it. If you saw the original, 2017's "Hitman's Bodyguard," this one is a lot more of the same, with Ryan Reynolds as the licensed bodyguard Michael Bryce who was assigned to guard notorious hitman Darius Kinkaid (Samuel L. Jackson) as he prepared to testify as a witness against an international crime lord in The Hague, Netherlands. This time we have the addition of Kinkaid's brand-new wife, Sonia (Selma Hayek) who has commissioned Michael Bryce to protect her husband who is once again the target of a hit. In a line right out of a sitcom, Darius asks "what the ***expletive deleted**" is he doing here?" She tells him that he asked for Michael Bryce, while Kinkaid says, "I told you get me anybody BUT Michael Bryce." So, the misunderstanding is the hook for this extremely profane movie from a language perspective, as an international criminal played by Antonio Banderas seeks to eliminate Kinkaid, and now Bryce and the wife too. The action is frenetic with blazing gunfire, all kinds of things blowing up, and a thread of humour, mostly on the part of Ryan Reynolds' character that makes it hard not to laugh despite the parade of never-ending-"F" bombs. The same director and same crew of writers from the first movie show up here, and the film is a most pleasant diversion from the world of reality. Rated 14A here with an "R" rating in the U.S.


  • The Water Man (2021):

    This adventure drama stars a boy in his early teens named Gunner (Lonnie Chavis who plays 12-year-old Randall on “This Is Us”) who sets out on a quest to try to save his mother (Rosario Dawson) from what seems like certain death. He is looking for the mythical “Water Man,” a person living deep in the Wild Horse Forest, who is said to have the secret of eternal life. Accompanied by his friend Jo, played by Amiah Miller, they set off on this improbable quest, and soon find themselves in over their heads as the forest closes in, and danger abounds at every turn. Gunner’s father (David Oyelowo) is on the trail, trying to find his son and the girl before it’s too late. The drama ramps up as three factions come together – the search for the magical “Water Man,” the dad’s search for his son and the local girl, and the Wild Horse Forest looking to claim its own. Rated 14A.

  • Rogue Hostage (2021):

    An action-thriller that stars Tyrese Gibson as Kyle, the requisite military veteran with special skills that are not needed for his day-to-day job back home, has a turn of events that keeps us guessing. Kyle has a far more sedate job now, working in the foster care system, looking after young children placed in homes when there is no other alternative. He drops in to check on one of his young charges at a store owned by a family member, when suddenly, a group of armed militants swoop into the story, taking everyone hostage, and threatening the worst. Kyle’s own young child is one of those taken hostage, along with other seemingly unconnected people, including an elected public official, and others who seem innocent of any wrongdoing. Fighting the clock to save the hostages is Kyle’s challenge. John Malkovich also stars. Rated 14A.

  • The Chair (TV series) (2021):

    Ottawa's Sandra Oh ("Grey's Anatomy") stars in this dramatic series with a comedy twist in which she plays a character named Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of colour to chair the English department in a major, prestigious university. Not so fast though, Ji-Yoon ... now that you have the job, you learn that the entire department is hanging together by a thread having been mismanaged into near-failure by your predecessor. Not only are you the first woman of colour to chair a department, you are pretty much the only person of colour on the entire faculty, school-wide. Six episodes of season one are streaming now. An excellent cast includes Bob Balaban (he was the NBC network executive on the Seinfeld episodes featured in the "show about nothing"), David Mores ("St. Elsewhere," "Blindspot") and Holland Taylor ("Bosom Buddies," "The Practice"). Rated M for mature.


    Beckett (2021):

    This crime drama, distributed worldwide by Netflix, follows the story of the title character played by John David Washington (Denzel's son), an American tourist badly injured in an incident in Greece. He realizes that he is a target for some reason, and that those pursuing him are up to no good at all, wanting him dispatched as soon as possible. A chase movie at its heart, he strikes out across the country to the American Embassy, but as things play out, he realizes that he has no idea as to who he can trust and whom he cannot. Alicia Vikander also stars in this web of conspiracy that only deepens with each passing minute. Rated 14A.

New on CRAVE

The Croods: A New Age (2020):

Seven years ago DreamWorks Animation introduced us to the Stone Age family, the Croods.  They were an appealing bunch, with a Neanderthal sense of humour that appealed to both kids, who loved the cartoon aspect, and adults who found the dialogue particularly smart.  This sequel, which consistently brought families into those few theatres in the US that were still open during the height of the Pandemic, brought in audiences to the tune of about $2 million a week, even though it was available on Premium On Demand for much of that time.  Now available on Crave for no additional fee, we are allowed to see just how clever this new story is.  It’s a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses theme as the father Grug (voice of Nicolas Cage) runs into the Betterman family headed by Guy (voice of Ryan Reynolds).  It seems that the Bettermans are a step ahead of the Croods in everything that occurs.  Also includes a voice cast with Cloris Leachman, Emma Stone, and “Game of Thrones” star, Peter Dinklage.  Rated PG.



Jolt (2021):

Kate Beckinsale is Lindy, an attractive woman with an unusual occupation. She is a bouncer in a high-end club, and she also has serious anger management issues. She loses her temper often, and employs the martial arts skills that made her a great bouncer, but her behaviour has become more and more bizarre, and as part of managing her intense anger, she wears a vest which gives her a serious jolt of electricity whenever she begins to lose her temper, the set up for her next rampage. The first guy she has ever fallen for turns up murdered, and Lindy goes on an anger-fuelled rampage to get revenge, while the police are after her as the prime suspect. An excellent cast also includes Susan Sarandon, Bobby Cannavalle, and Stanley Tucci. Rated 14A, R in the States.

New on DISNEY + /Star

The Owl House (2021)(TV Series):

This animated series debuts its second season this week on Disney +.  It's a fantasy story with some sci-fi overtones about a teenage human girl named Luz who, on the way to a detention summer camp for alleged misbehaviour, accidentally stumbles into a portal to another world, one of magic and witchcraft.  During season one, Luz became set on mastering witchcraft by serving as an apprentice to a woman of magical abilities in a place called The Owl House.  As season two opens, three separate storylines converge as Luz has supporters who want to help her to go back home to the human realm, while she works to support and help her friends in the Owl House.  A third season of three 90-minute specials will appear next spring and that will round out the life of the series.  Rated PG.  

New on Apple +

Finch (2021):
Tom Hanks stars as the title character in this sci-fi drama that takes robotics to the next level. Hanks' character is an eccentric inventor, and may well be the last man left on a post-apocalyptic earth. His biggest concern, as illness threatens to end his life, is in what will happen to his beloved pet, a faithful canine companion. To this end, he creates a sophisticated robot, and AI being, programmed to care for the dog and to give it all that it needs when the master is no longer in the picture. Amblin Entertainment is the film's producer, and this is the second Tom Hanks movie, after "Greyhound" that will end up on Apple +. Skeet Ulrich and Caleb Landry Jones also star in the story by Craig Luck, in his first screenplay appearance, after having worked behind the scenes on such films as Maleficent and Cinderella. The director is Miguel Sapochnik who was responsible for six episodes of "Game of Thrones." Rated 14A.