June 23rd - 28th Downloads
& DVDs
  •  Nobody (2021):

    If you like the kind of hardboiled action found in the "John Wick" or the "Taken" movies, you'll like this thriller with the unlikely star, Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad," "Better Call Saul"). In the early frames we are introduced to Hutch Mansell. He is married, has a wife and two kids, and works in some sort of nondescript metal manufacturing shop. We get that he's a bit of a loser. He misses the garbage truck when it makes its early morning pickups, he takes the bus to work, and he seems to be unappreciated on the job. Every day is a blur, each one the same as the day before. He and his wife are not close, his teenage son seems disinterested in his dad, and life plods on. One night he hears a noise in the house and encounters a pair of masked prowlers, one armed with a gun. He doesn't have much to steal, but grabs a golf club and prepares to take action. His son jumps one of the pair and holds him down, but Hutch can't seem to bring himself to use the golf club, resulting in the boy getting a punch in the face, and the thieves leaving with very little for their trouble. As I said ... something of a loser. That night, coming home on the bus from his job, Hutch and the handful of passengers are accosted by a small gang of punks who begin to terrorize them. The fuse is lit. What would John Wick do in this situation? What would Neeson's Brian Mills do? Yes, it's game on, and we learn that Hutch has been hiding some very special martial arts skills. Also, in dispatching the punks, one whom he hurts the most, turns out to be near death after the encounter ... and is also the kid brother of a Russian mob boss. Now the chase really begins. Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future") is brilliant as Hutch's aging father, the fight scenes are keenly choreographed, and the action ramps up exponentially from scene to scene. Shot in Winnipeg, and based on a story idea from star Bob Odenkirk, who also co-produced, "Nobody" was written by Derek Kolstad who scripted all three John Wick movies, and is a most satisfying action thriller with a very high body count! Rated 18A for violence.


  • The Unholy (2021):

    Does the title give away the ending of the story, or is it a teaser for something more profound? Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“The Good Wife,” “The Walking Dead”) stars alongside Cricket Brown who plays a deafmute girl named Alice, who has a visitation from the Virgin Mary, and soon is able to hear and speak. But wait, there’s more! She can also heal the sick and perform her own miracles. While many factions praise the Almighty for her gifts, it seems that, as time progresses, and as thousands travel to be in her presence, evil goings-on begin to appear with hideous consequences. That begs the question as to whether or not she is a product of God or of something evil and Satanic. Based on the Gothic novel by the late James Herbert (“Haunted”) the story moves in two directions at once with the puzzle as to what Alice’s position is in all of this. Is she a tool of the powers of Light, or is she something else? Rated 14A.

  • Hunter Hunter (2020):

    Vancouver-born-and-raised Devon Sawa stars in this horror thriller with an unusual antagonist. A husband, wife, and their teenage daughter are living off the grid in the wilderness, played here by Manitoba and Alberta. They fish, they hunt, they trap, all for food, clothing, and shelter. In a dramatic and sudden turn of events, the hunters become the hunted, and it’s not a two-legged marauder that is after them, but rather a gigantic and most ferocious wolf. Now it’s up to them to survive, for the father to protect his family against a creature that is more paranormal that it is normal. Will anyone survive … and will the hunter, the true motive of which has not yet been revealed, prove to be more than it really is? A horror-thriller that checks all the boxes. Rated 14A.

  • Awake (2021):

    This sci-fi thriller is a Netflix original with an excellent cast headed by director Mark Raso, a Toronto-born filmmaking prodigy who won a Student Academy Award Gold Medal for his thesis at Columbia university in 2012.  He co-wrote this script about a global event that wipes out both all electronic communications, as well as having ended the human population's ability to sleep.  A former soldier played by Gina Rodriguez, may have found the solution as to what happened, and sets out against incredible odds, with her young daughter, to try to save what is left of the rapidly deteriorating world.  The cast includes BC-born Barry Pepper ("Saving Private Ryan"), Jennifer Jason Leigh ("The Woman in the Window"), and one-time Clint Eastwood paramour, Francis Fisher ("The Lincoln Lawyer") as well as Vancouver-born Gil Bellows ("Ally McBeal," "The Shawshank Redemption").  


    Wrath of Man (2021):

    Still playing in theatres in the U.S. three weeks after its release, this Jason Statham action-thriller was directed by Guy Ritchie ("Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Snatch") and is only the second Guy Ritchie movie set outside of the UK.  The story jumps around in time, but we are first introduced to "H," Statham's character who is applying for a job as an armoured truck driver after the opening scene in which a robbery occurs at the truck company.  He barely passes the requirements, his shooting skills and physical fitness just on the right side of the borderline, but he's in.  We learn, through flashbacks, that "H" suffered a terrible loss at the hands of the organized criminals that have been conducting the heists, and now he is out for revenge.  Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) is one of the gang members who is a loose cannon and we just know that when showdown time comes, it's going to be his character, Jan, and "H" squaring off.  There is a full ration of action with a high body count as the bad guys plot the heist of a lifetime by going right into the armoured truck compound for a $200 million payday, and it's there that the final standoff occurs.  Jeffrey Donavan ("Burn Notice") is the gang leader, a former Afghanistan military veteran, with his crew, all former soldiers in his unit.  We know what we are getting from a Jason Statham movie, and we know what Guy Ritchie offers up, so just sit back and watch the action - there is a lot of it to take in!  Rated 18A for violence and language.  $20 on demand.

New on CRAVE

The Croods: A New Age (2020):

Seven years ago DreamWorks Animation introduced us to the Stone Age family, the Croods.  They were an appealing bunch, with a Neanderthal sense of humour that appealed to both kids, who loved the cartoon aspect, and adults who found the dialogue particularly smart.  This sequel, which consistently brought families into those few theatres in the US that were still open during the height of the Pandemic, brought in audiences to the tune of about $2 million a week, even though it was available on Premium On Demand for much of that time.  Now available on Crave for no additional fee, we are allowed to see just how clever this new story is.  It’s a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses theme as the father Grug (voice of Nicolas Cage) runs into the Betterman family headed by Guy (voice of Ryan Reynolds).  It seems that the Bettermans are a step ahead of the Croods in everything that occurs.  Also includes a voice cast with Cloris Leachman, Emma Stone, and “Game of Thrones” star, Peter Dinklage.  Rated PG.



Panic (2021) (TV series):

Season one of this new series is available for streaming now, and it brings us up close and personal to the graduating class of the only high school in the small, out-of-the-way town of Carp, TX.  Each year there is a competition with a cash prize that is life-changing money, and is viewed by the former students as their only ticket out of this backwater burg in which they live.  Everyone can play, but only one can win.  When the season opens, the new competitors learn that the money in the pot has gone from "big" to "gigantic."  With those high stakes comes a series of challenges that bring each participant face-to-face with his or her deepest fears, and the consequences for losing can be fatal.  The youthful cast includes Jordan Elsass ("Little Fires Everywhere," "Superman and Lois") and Jessica Sula ("Scream: The TV Series").  Rated 14A.

New on DISNEY + /Star

The Owl House (2021)(TV Series):

This animated series debuts its second season this week on Disney +.  It's a fantasy story with some sci-fi overtones about a teenage human girl named Luz who, on the way to a detention summer camp for alleged misbehaviour, accidentally stumbles into a portal to another world, one of magic and witchcraft.  During season one, Luz became set on mastering witchcraft by serving as an apprentice to a woman of magical abilities in a place called The Owl House.  As season two opens, three separate storylines converge as Luz has supporters who want to help her to go back home to the human realm, while she works to support and help her friends in the Owl House.  A third season of three 90-minute specials will appear next spring and that will round out the life of the series.  Rated PG.