April 6th - 12th Downloads
& DVDs
  •  Shadow in the Cloud (2020):

    Billed as an "action-horror" movie, I wasn't sure for quite some time just what I was watching here. Taking place in 1943 during WWII, and set and shot in New Zealand and in the skies over the South Pacific, this film, which stars Chloe Grace Moretz as an apparent flight officer who boards a B-17 at the last moment as it sets out on its mission, could be a lot of things. For a significant period of time, I felt it was a "Twilight Zone" episode, and then later, looked to be like one of Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories," and it morphed further from there. Moretz is Maude Garret, and she brings on board a large package in the form of the leather case, which, she says, is part of a classified operation. The crew is at best, dismissive of her, and at worst unreasonably abusive, and they tell her that there's no room, and that she must ride out the flight inside the belly turret of the warplane. For at least 30 minutes, all of the action takes place in those very close quarters, which were ringing all the alarm bells of my claustrophobia. While isolated in this space, she sees something, a shadow of sorts, that moves past her and up into the wing of the plane. No one believes her, as she tries, on the intercom, to get them to take a look. Soon they are attacked by Japanese air force planes, and in an attempt to open the hatch to get back into the main part of the plane, part of the mechanism breaks, leaving her trapped. The appearance of a hideous creature outside the plane turns the horror corner, and it's game on. I liked the story, thought the production values were excellent, but can't tell you much about her mission, what's in her leather case, nor what it was that she saw, without providing major spoilers. Rated 14A for language and violence.

  • The Reckoning (2020):

    Set in England in 1665 during the time of The Great Plague, the story surrounds a young woman named Grace Haverstock (Charlotte Kirk) who is widowed at a young age after the suicide of her husband Joe. The times are ones consumed with fear, death, and superstition, and over the years more than 40,000 women were put to death after having been accused of witchcraft. Her landlord, Squire Pendleton (Steve Waddington) makes advances towards Grace, which she rejects outright. As a result, Pendleton reports her to church authorities, accusing her of being a witch. Thrown into a filthy, squalid prison for a crime she did not commit, Grace is soon the object of notorious witch-hunter Judge Moorcroft (Sean Pertwee) who badgers her without let-up looking for a confession. During this process, Grace must deal with her own demons, and at one point, it appears as if the Devil himself has intruded on her consciousness with horrific results. Rated 14A.

  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021):

    From the production and creative team responsible for the highly successful comedy “Bridesmaids” we get this story of a pair of lifelong friends who decide to leave their Midwestern small-town home for the first time ever, to make a trip to Florida. Barb and Star are played respectively by Oscar-nominated writer Annie Mumolo (for “Bridesmaids”) and SNL performer and writer (also Oscar-nominated for “Bridesmaids”) Kristin Wiig. Together, having written this script, the women travel south to Vista Del Mar, FLA and soon find themselves embroiled in the midst of a plot in which an evil villain has set out to have everyone in town murdered. Of course, there’s romance too, as well as an adventure that could only be found on a road trip. Jamie Dornan (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) and Damon Wayans, Jr. co-star along with Reba McIntyre and Ian Gomez (ex-husband of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s” Nia Vardalos). Rated 14A.

  • Thunder Force (2021):

    In a world where there is a supervillain on every street corner set to rule the world, scientist Emily Staunton (Octavia Spencer) devises a method to give superpowers to ordinary people.  She inadvertently bestows an incredible suite of powers on her one-time-best-friend, now estranged, Lydia (Melissa McCarthy).  Now there's a problem - the bad guys are everywhere, and the good girls don't get along.  Emily and Lydia have to heal their rift before they can become the first super-duo, the "Thunder Force" of the title.  Written and directed by Ben Falcone, McCarthy's real-life husband, and co-starring Jason Bateman and Bobby Cannavale as villains The Crab and The King respectively.  Rated 14A.


    The Wedding Coach (2021)(TV series):

    Jamie Leigh is a comedian.  She was also a bride.  Putting those two qualities together in this series in which she coaches six about-to-be-married couples offers both insight and a goodly number of laughs.  She starts with the basic premise that "the perfect wedding is unattainable," which lays the groundwork for the job before her.  It's not just the wedding itself with which Leigh concerns herself - it's everything from relationship issues between the couples, to meddling soon-to-be-in-laws, and challenges around where to live and whether or not to have children.  A Netflix original series, rated 14A.


    Pets United (2020):

    A perfect animated film for youngsters, parents, and grandparents, but only if they watch with the kids. The central characters are all pets of one sort or another, and their common thread is that they are spoiled, they are selfish, and they live a life of luxury, because their owners have all the mechanical denizens of Robo City doing the hard work.  But what happens when the robots run amuck and the humans have to flee?  Time for the skate-boarding pug, the self-aggrandizing Siamese, a pet pig, and a smart fox to grow up and take some responsibility.  Good fun for kids of all ages - meaning, much past 13, they will probably think it's lame, but younger ones will relish it.  Rated G.

New on CRAVE

Misbehaviour (2020):

This British film tells the mostly true story of what happened at the Miss World telecast in London in 1970.  A group of women representing the then-newly-formed but now-defunct Women’s Liberation Movement, infiltrated the proceedings and caused a major disruption to the pageant.  At that time, this telecast was the most-watched TV event in the world with some 100 million people tuning in.  Bob Hope was the host, and when he made a number of misogynistic remarks that demeaned certain contestants, as well as the pageant at large, the group took over. They invaded the stage and completely disrupted the live telecast. When all was said and done, Miss Sweden, who was expected to win the competition, was out, and Miss Grenada, the first woman of colour to ever win a major pageant, was crowned.  An excellent cast is led by Kiera Knightly, with Gugu-Mbatha Raw playing the winning Miss Grenada.  Bob Hope is played by Greg Kinnear.  Rated 14A.

The Witcher (TV Series, 2019):
This Netflix original series is a sword-and-sandal thriller that follows Geralt of Rivera, a solitary monster-killer who roams the earth righting the wrongs created by monstrosities everywhere.  Henry Cavill stars as the title character, based on a novel series.  A second season has already been announced, so you can binge watch this one safely.  Rated 14A. 



The Legion (2020):

This Amazon original takes place in the time of the Emperor Nero, who was busy fiddling - actually, if he played anything, it was the Lyre - while Rome began its torturous fall.   Noreno (Lee Partridge) is perfectly cast here, a short holdover from his badly groomed days in 2017's "Viking Siege."  The invasion of Parthia by the Roman Legions has been a total screw-up, and now two full Legions are stranded in the snowy mountains, slowly facing starvation and death by freezing.  There is a larger part of the Roman army that is in Syria, across the mountains and down into the desert, where the facing of the elements is different.  Someone needs to get from the snowy soon-to-be-graves, to the rest of the army so that help and supplies can save the remaining soldiers.  That someone is Noreno, as he is an amazingly fast runner and could cover the distance in the shortest time.  The problem?  Noreno is only half Roman, and his other half hates the city state that has never done him any favours.  Mickey Rourke and Bai Ling also star.  Rated 14A. 

New on DISNEY + /Star

Nomadland (2020):

With huge Oscar buzz including nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress (Francis McDormand), and Best Director (Chloe Zhao), the new Star addition of Disney + offers the Canadian debut of this road movie of a very special sort.  McDormand plays a woman named Fern who faces a bleak economic future during the meltdown of the economy in 2008.  She was a schoolteacher in a company town in Nevada where U.S. Gypsum was the major employer.  When the mine shut down, the company offered the citizens five months of free rent before shutting down the town.  Fern, a widow with few options, packed her belongings into a van and hit the road, looking for work along the way to stay above water financially.  Her co-stars are not actors, but in fact are actual nomads living the hand-to-mouth lifestyle of the nomads depicted in the best-selling book by Jessica Bruder.  With just over two weeks before the Academy Awards on April 25th, this is one that is going to be talked about a great deal.  Rated 14A.