March 10th - 16th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Charlie's Angels:

    Unfortunately, relatively few people found out what a smart, clever, high-energy action romp this movie is. Elizabeth Banks, who directs, stars, and who wrote the screenplay, has literally rewritten the book on this action-adventure inspired by the TV series that ran from 1976 to 1981.  The box office was meagre, a real shame because this film has all the musings and all the intrigue of a Mission: Impossible movie, with a dash of James Bond thrown in. Forget everything you knew about the Angels from the previous movies in 2000, 2003 and 2011. Pretend they never happened, and embrace this world in which the Townsend organization has gone global, with literally dozens of Angels teams around the world, and many Bosleys ... in fact, we learn early on that "Bosley" is not actually a name, but a rank within the outfit, sort of like a lieutenant.  We meet a number of Bosleys in short order, including those played by Djimon Honsou, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, and even Michael Strahan. The plot is straightforward, as a young woman named Elena (Naomi Scott who played Jasmine in the recent edition of Aladdin) becomes a corporate whistle-blower when she finds a Bosley and tells him that the new product that she helped her company developed can be weaponized and become a major threat to the world. Time to go to work, recover the device, and neutralize it. Angels here include Kristin Stewart (Sabina), British actress Ella Balinska (Jane), and Elizabeth Banks as Bosley.  The action is electric and non-stop, locations are spectacular, with shooting having been done in Hamburg, Germany, and in Turkey, and hidden references to the original TV show abounding, including a scene in a wardrobe where the original Charlie's Angels theme plays loud and proud. There's a great surprise as the credits begin to roll, and don't move until they are done. A super ride, and great fun. Rated 14A.


  • Bombshell:

    In the #metoo era, we have a based-on-fact movie about the women at the Fox Network who decided to take on Roger Ailes rather than be intimidated and abused.  Charlize Theron plays Megyn Kelly, Margo Robbie is Kayla Pospisil (the only character not based on a real person), and Nicole Kidman is Gretchen Carlson. Roger Ailes, the head of Fox at the time, the man who created the toxic environment portrayed here, is played by John Lithgow, with Connie Britton as his wife Beth.  Theron was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Kelly, which is flawless, as is Ms. Kidman’s rendition of Gretchen Carlson. The movie falls down in one key area – these are actual events, real people, and real situations – at least that is the basic premise – but it all falls apart because of Margo Robbie’s character.  It’s a fine portrayal of Kayla Pospisil, but there was never any such person. The feeling is that all of those things that may have happened to Kelly and Carlson at the hands of Roger Ailes, have been largely put upon Kayla, a fictitious person who has likely been created to deter some potential lawsuits. It’s a good film, but just isn’t consistent with what happened.  Rated 14A.

  • Spies in Disguise:

    This animated tale of a James Bond-line spy named Lance (Voice of Will Smith) who works for a government spy agency called "The Agency," is a different spin on the action-adventure genre aimed at youthful audiences.  Although its roots are clearly Bondian - the tech guy who creates many of the interesting tools of the trade for Lance is named Walter (voice of Tom Holland) and is clearly the cartoon version of Q in the 007 movies - what's different is that Walter's inventions to help Lance fight crime are gentle, with a distinct move towards non-violence.  He tells us repeatedly that there must be a gentler way to solve the problem at hand. With a diabolical villain named Killian, tricked out with a robotic arm, tries to take over the world, it's up to Lance and Walter to find a way to put a stop to the treachery. To that end, Walter devises a potion that will help Lance move up to the next level ... Lance takes the potion without question, and is turned into a pigeon.  Nothing more non-violent than a member of the dove family, right? Together Walter and the pigeon take to the streets to save our lives as we know them. There is sufficient gross-out humour, with some bodily function jokes that kids seem to love, and there is enough of the sophisticated spy stuff to keep adults engaged too. Done in the same animation style as "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and "Hotel Transylvania," it also features voices by Rashida Jones and Reba McIntyre.  Rated PG.

  • 100 Humans (TV Series, 2020):

    This Netflix original series takes 100 individuals, all volunteers to the program, and puts them through a number of tests involving choices.  What would you do if there were no consequences for your actions?  What would you do if willing participants were happy to do almost anything?  It's a social experiment of sorts, but with a hundred people, things can go wrong.  Rated 14A.


    The Valhalla Murders (TV Series, 2020):

    Another Netflix original, this one the first co-production with Icelandic filmmakers.  An Oslo detective returns to his native Iceland where there is a serial killer on the loose, and he teams up with another cop, a female detective, to get to the bottom of the mystery.  This dark suspense has a distinctly non-Hollywood look to it.  Rated 14A. 

New on CRAVE

Season three of this sometimes-amazing-sometimes-confusing series starts this weekend, likely to be the final one.  An very expensive show to produce, each hour has a budget in the range of $3 million, enough for a feature film all on its own.  Anthony Hopkins stars as the man whom (we think) created this world, which has now turned on him, and on the rest of the planet.  Rated 14A. 

The Witcher (TV Series, 2019):
This Netflix original series is a sword-and-sandal thriller that follows Geralt of Rivera, a solitary monster-killer who roams the earth righting the wrongs created by monstrosities everywhere.  Henry Cavill stars as the title character, based on a novel series.  A second season has already been announced, so you can binge watch this one safely.  Rated 14A. 



Run the Race (2019):
This sports drama focuses on the world of high school football, and puts a good cast together was we watch two brothers, Zach and Dave Truett (Tanner Stine and Evan Hoffer) take two very different approaches to the competitive life on the gridiron.  Mario Van Peebles, Mykelti Williamson, and Francis Fisher co-star as the adults who try to bring some resolution to the brothers’ conflict. Rated 14A.


New on DISNEY +

The Mandalorian, Chapter 6:
This Star Wars series made for streaming, is perhaps the most true and authentic spinoff that the franchise has offered in more than 20 years.  Taking place in the days of Jawas and Ewoks, it follows the adventures of a masked bounty hunter and his baby Yoda capturee across the galaxy.  The flavour is very much that of the Empire Strikes Back era, with outstanding special effects and a superb story.  Rated PG.