Feb 11th - 17th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Ford VS Ferrari (2019):

    This biopic that tells the story of race car builder Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), winning driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), and Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts).  They collaborated in in the 1960s in an attempt by The Ford Motor Company to unseat the generational holder of power in auto racing, Enzo Ferrari and his company's domination of such seminal competitions as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  There are three separate stories at play here. We see Carroll Shelby, a risk-taking Texan whose Shelby Cobra was already an acknowledged racing brand, struggling with a heart condition, and struggling to keep his company afloat; and we cut to Henry Ford II, arrogant and pompous, who is convinced by his senior executives to take on Ferrari and make Ford the very first American car builder to win at Le Mans; and we watch driver Ken Miles, a Brit, a WWII vet who was a tank driver in the war in Europe, manage his own business, working on cars, and driving them too - the driving part against the wishes of his wife Molly (Caitriona Balf) as she fears for his safety, and does not want to lose her husband, and father of Peter (Noah Jupe).  The narrative switches back and forth, focusing on these characters more and more intensely as big-business politics within Ford itself create an environment in which a car is being built and driven by committee.  Both Shelby and Miles are completely believable as they gamble their businesses and their careers on the belief that they can get a race car, the Ford GT 40, on the track and ready to go within ninety days instead of nine years.  The driving scenes are authentic and human interest, business, and gutsy performances make this an outstanding biographical film.  Rated 14A. 


  • After She Wakes (2019):

    This horror thriller has the potential to make you feel that you just don’t want to go to sleep anymore, because of what happens to the mother and daughter in this frightening and disturbing scare-fest.  Nicola Lambo plays the mom who has a young daughter not quite in her teens, and who shares the tragedy of losing a child, her infant son. Mom suffers from narcolepsy, meaning that she falls asleep without warning, anytime, anywhere.  Since the loss of her son, both she and her daughter begin struggles with sleep, that includes night terrors and sleep paralysis. Soon, they don’t know if it is paranoia that makes them believe that there is a person behind all this, and that they are being watched, or if something horrific is haunting their sleep.  Scary but uneven movie. Rated 14A.

  • Greener Grass (2019):

    There have been a good number of movies about keeping up with the Joneses over the years, but this one, billed as a comedy, but not being all that funny, is the most bizarre that I have encountered.  A group of suburban soccer moms, some of whom sport braces on their already perfect teeth, many of whom drive golf carts around the neighbourhood, find themselves locked in a battle of wills when one, Lisa (Dawn Luebbe) slowly begin to take over, and control everything about another, Jill (Jocelyn DeBoer).  Lisa begins by taking charge of Jill’s newborn daughter. While this is going on, it appears that a psycho yoga instructor might be a serial killer, and one of the characters is pregnant … with a soccer ball. The weirdness comes from the two stars, Luebbe and DeBoer, who also wrote and directed this very strange film.  Rated 14A.

  • The Coldest Game (2019):

    Bill Pullman is Joshua Mansky.  He is a chess wizard, and also an alcoholic, largely forgotten at home in the U.S.  We find him in Poland in this Netflix original, trying to rebuild his reputation by taking on the Russian champion.  Mansky is unwittingly pulled into the dark world of espionage, and before he knows what has happened, his chess game has become one of winner-take-all, which includes many nations of the world on the table for the taking.  Shot on location in Poland. Rated 14A.


    Locke & Key (2020):

    This fantasy-drama is a Netflix original based on a graphic comic, and shot in eastern Canada.  Three siblings, aghast at the death by murder of their father, move into his old mansion, and ancestral home, and find three mysterious keys, the purpose of which is to stand against an evil creature who haunts the property, and who wants the keys, along with their powers, for itself.  Rated 14A.

New on CRAVE

The Parting Glass (2018)
Edward Asner stars in this story of a family, if not in crisis, certainly in a strange place.  Having lost their sister in a sudden death, they travel from all over the country to meet, and to collect her belongings, as well as piecing together the recollections of their relationship with her.  Oscar winner Melissa Leo also starts, along with Canadian Paul Gross. Rated 14A.

The Witcher (TV Series, 2019):
This Netflix original series is a sword-and-sandal thriller that follows Geralt of Rivera, a solitary monster-killer who roams the earth righting the wrongs created by monstrosities everywhere.  Henry Cavill stars as the title character, based on a novel series.  A second season has already been announced, so you can binge watch this one safely.  Rated 14A. 



Honey Boy:
An Amazon Prime original,  actor Shia LaBeouf wrote the script based on his own childhood and coming of age.  He plays his own father, with such actors as  Lucas Hedges, playing the younger Shia.  The dad was an ex-rodeo clown, convicted felon, and musician.  The movie received a standing ovation when it opened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.  The characters, according to LaBeouf, are based on himself and his father, although there are fictional elements too, including their names.  Rated 14A.


New on DISNEY +

The Mandalorian, Chapter 6:

This Star Wars series made for streaming, is perhaps the most true and authentic spinoff that the franchise has offered in more than 20 years.  Taking place in the days of Jawas and Ewoks, it follows the adventures of a masked bounty hunter and his baby Yoda capturee across the galaxy.  The flavour is very much that of the Empire Strikes Back era, with outstanding special effects and a superb story.  Rated PG.