Nov 19th - 25th  Downloads
& DVDs
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold:

    This live-action Dora the Explorer movie features a more mature Dora than has been revealed in past films and TV programs where Dora was eight to 10 years old.  I am not sure where the target audience is here as Dora is kind of shooting over the heads of the six-to-12 year-olds that were her stock in trade in previous iterations of the franchise ... and I'm not sure that the teenage set is going to be attracted by what happens here.   She is embarking on her biggest and most dangerous personal adventure ever - high school!  Dora has spent most of her life growing up in the jungle with her parents, but now they are in danger, and she heads off  on an adventure to both save her parents, and to uncover a lost Inca civilization.  Isabella Moner is Dora, and Eva Longoria is her mom.  Rated PG. 


  • Blinded by the Light:

    It’s Britain in 1987 and a young art college student named Javed Khan (Viveik Kalra) is struggling to find meaning. His home life is terrible as his recently unemployed father makes life a living hell with abusive language, and a propensity to hit rather than talk.  His school life is only marginally better, but he definitely feels that he does not belong because of his appearance and his British-Pakistani background. There is a clear sense that his entire community outside of home is a hostile place, with most of that hostility directed at those who are relatively new to the country.  Things begin to change, at first slowly, and then more dramatically, as Javed meets a new friend who introduces him to the music of Bruce Springsteen. Even though “The Boss” comes from a very different culture, Javed begins to feel that the songs and the lifestyle speak directly to him and to his situation. Along the way, as his journey progresses, he meets people who become friends, but the overarching issue is that he cannot make any of this fit with his family or its values, and his family views him as some kind of traitor to his culture.  An interesting coming of age story that doesn’t have the usual American pieces that we have seen so often. Rated 14A.

  • Catch-22 (2019):

    Not to be confused with the 1970 version that starred Alan Arkin and Martin Balsam, this television mini-series treatment of Joseph Heller’s dark comedy about Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) was missed by most people on this side of the border because of the way it was presented on television.  The first two-hour instalment was a normal television event on Citytv, but the subsequent four hours were on the network’s streaming site only, which many could not access because of technical problems. Now, here it is, all ready to be enjoyed. Yossarian is not exactly a coward, but he does not relish the idea of having his plane shot down, so he flees to what he thinks is the relative comfort of a hospital setting.  That’s the catch-22 …the view, medically, is that you would have to be crazy to fly into battle, but if you ask to be relieved of your duties because of that craziness, that’s viewed as a rational act, so you keep flying. George Clooney co-stars, and also produced. Rated 14A.
  • Earthquake Bird (2019):

    This Netflix original was shot in Japan where the story is set, Tokyo, 1989.  Alicia Vikander is Lucy Fly, an American ex-pat living in the Asian nation and working as a translator.  When her friend Lily goes missing, Lucy is considered a murder suspect because of her involvement in a bizarre love triangle.  Based on the novel by Susanna Jones. Rated 14A.


    The Crown Season 3 (2019):

    We have a new Queen Elizabeth (Oscar-winner Olivia Coleman) and a time jump from the end of season 2.  Set in the years 1964 – 1977, the story will focus on the breakup of Princess Margaret’s marriage, the maturing of Prince Charles and his investiture as Prince of Wales, the death of Sir Winston Churchill, and the Apollo moon landings.  Rated 14A.

They Shall Not Grow Old (2018):

This exceptional film by Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) pieces together original film from WW1 into a story that demonstrates the horrors of this war to end all wars.  The narrative revolves around a handful of soldiers from various walks of life, and follows some to their deaths, and others to a different kind of post-war life. Rated 14A.



Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

John Krasinski is back for season two of this action-packed spy thriller which, in its first season last year, was a huge hit for Amazon Prime. This time the action shifts to Venezuela as Ryan is sent into to covertly determine the threat to the Americas given the challenges raised by the Government of this South American country. Filming also took place in Europe and in other parts of the world, giving this TV series a big-screen look that would fit perfectly in a movie theatre. Eight new episodes make this a perfect binge-watch. Rated 14A.