Oct 29 - Nov 4th Downloads
& DVDs
  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish (2018):

    It isn’t Disney, and it isn’t Hallmark, but it looks like a combination of each.  The story, a little early for Christmas, is typical of the way Hallmark romances play out.  It’s the story of Kat Decker (Lauran Marano) who is talented, very nice, and has a difficult family situation living with her stepmother and two stepsisters, who of course, are jealous of Kat’s talent, her beauty, and her friendly nature.  She is an aspiring singer, but every opportunity is taken from her by her step-family, leaving her with a demeaning job working as a singing elf at a place called Santaland, which is owned by a billionaire with the unlikely name of Terence Wintergarden (Barclay Hope).  The only bright spot for Kat is the exceedingly handsome new Santa at the Christmas tree lot. His name is Dominic, and it looks like he’s going to get Kat an invitation to the big Christmas gala that Wintergarden is putting on, but the stepmother and stepsisters manage to get hold of Kat’s invitation and use it for themselves.  A little magic, some helpful animals, and a big reveal all come together to give us the Cinderella story that everyone knows. Shot in Vancouver, and those who are suckers for romance will love it. Rated PG.


  • 10 Minutes Gone (2019):

    Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis star in this crime thriller about a heist that goes terribly wrong.  In the bank vault, while the gang is filling its bags with loot, an explosion occurs. Frank (Chiklis) regains consciousness in an alley near a dumpster.  He has no idea how he got there, but understands, because of his watch having been broken in the blast, that there are 10 minutes missing from his recollection of what happened.  During that 10 minutes, the ill-gotten gains seem to have disappeared and now it’s all about finding the 10 minutes and finding the money. Rex (Willis) seems like an easy target.  Did he take the money, did he hide it, or is he part of something bigger? Soon it seems as though every law enforcement entity in the United States is on the case – in fact, that’s exactly right – everyone from the police to the FBI are interested, as well as some less savoury characters.  The movie has had very limited theatrical release, so it’s mostly a DVD or video-on-demand product at this point. Rated 18A for language and violence.

  • Luce:

    A very strong cast is in place for this very challenging story of a married couple (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth), Mary and Peter Edgar, who adopt a child from war-torn Eritrea.  At first, he seems like a model child, and as he enters his teens, is an award-winning student. Or is he? High school teacher Harriet Wilson (Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer) finds something about the boy that is not quite right, and begins to move forward to act on her suspicions.  Mary and Peter are forced to come to grips with the fact that their idealized version of their son may not be the reality that exists in his life outside the home. The movie also stars Andrea Bang, a Burnaby, B.C. native, who is best known as the daughter Janet on the CBC sitcom, “Kim’s Convenience.”  She plays against type here, doing both her first nude scene and her first sex scene ever. Although she plays younger, Bang is actually age 30. Rated 18A.
  • Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy (2019):

    This Netflix original is the first standup comedy special from Hall, whose talk show went off the air in in 1994 after five-season run.  Filmed live in San Jose, CA back in April, it is yet another piece of hard work for Hall, who has been unable to get back to television on a first-name basis.  Rated 14A.


    Creeped Out (2017), Season 1:

    This British-Canadian anthology horror-thriller makes its Netflix debut after having aired in Britain and Family Channel in Canada last year.  Now available for streaming, it’s geared towards young viewers, but that doesn’t mean that it’s “tame.” Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories,” the series is not dumbed down, and is great entertainment for Halloween!  Rated PG.

Mrs. Fletcher (2019) Limited Series:

Kathryn Hahn (Bad Moms) is the title character here, a divorced single mom whose son moves out to attend college, creating an opportunity for her to re-examine her life, and to make different choices.  While she’s doing that at home, her son is doing the same thing at school. Rated 18A for sexual content. Originates on HBO.



Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018):

Based on actual events, Joaquin Phoenix stars as John Callahan, a young man severely injured in a car accident in which he was the impaired driver.  His alcoholism led him to that place, where he emerged a quadriplegic, and it appeared that his life was pretty much over.  While in rehab, he found that he had an ability to draw editorial cartoons, and with the help of his girlfriend (Rooney Mara) and his sponsor (Jonah Hill), he learns that perhaps there is a life worth living after all.  Set and shot in Portland, OR, home of the real-life John Callahan.  Rated 14A.