Sept 2nd - 9th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Ma:

    I think this movie is 'way over its head in terms of its talent and pedigree because it has Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer in the lead, and very creepy role, and its director is Tate Taylor who executive-produced "The Help," a 2011 movie that was nominated for Best Picture, and that gleaned the Academy Award for Spencer ... and yet here they are in what can only be described as a "B" horror movie, perfect for the coming summer when young people love to flock to movies that will scare them more than just a little.  Spencer is a lonely woman named Sue Anne, who is approached by a bunch of teens at a liquor store to "please buy us some booze."  She does so, becoming and instant friend, and soon she is providing more than drink ... she has offered up her basement as a place where the kids can party without fear of being caught.  Maggie (Diana Silvers) is new to the group of teens, just having moved to town and made friends, but she, like the other kids in the basement, are just window dressing for what becomes a very weird story as Sue Ann, whom they now call Ma, begins to act at first like a stalker, and later like something much worse.  I think that Spencer was playing this role with tongue-in-cheek, and that starring in a teen slasher movie, and doing much of the slashing yourself, is not quite what one might expect from her station in life.  Cheesy as it all is, this is a horror-thriller that will do both - it will horrify, and it will thrill.  Rated 14A.


  • Mary Magdalene:

    This film sat on the shelf for several months because it was linked to the Weinstein scandal and couldn’t be distributed as planned … and several distributors, because of that link, took a pass, so it didn’t end up in most theatres.  You can watch it now though, as Rooney Mara plays the Biblical figure, Mary Magdalene, and Joachim Phoenix (an atheist in real life) plays Jesus Christ, one of the most important people in all of religious history. The story is that of Mary, believed at one point, to have been demon-possessed, who, through Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) becomes a follower of Jesus.  As events play out, Peter becomes concerned about Mary’s place in the overall scheme of things, and as events begin to move inexorably towards the Crucifixion, it is difficult to foresee the role she will play. Directed by Garth Davis (Lion). Rated 14A.

  • Into the Ashes:

    Frank Grillo (The Purge, current Netflix original Point Blank) has become the go-to guy for low-budget action movies.  Here he plays another tough guy named Sloan, who is instrumental in what happens to a former criminal named Nick Brenner (Luke Grimes).  Nick was once a part of a holdup gang, but he has since gone straight, trying to forget that life. He is married to a wonderful woman, he has a legitimate job that is building towards a career, and he has everything to live for.  The gang of which he used to be a part has other ideas though, being as it seems he stole money from them, and his father-in-law who is the town sheriff has now intervened. That intervention is because Nick’s wife, the thing most precious to him, has been taken by the gang, and disposed of … and now Nick is bent only on revenge at any cost.  Rated 14A.
  • Second Act (2019):

    Jennifer Lopez is a 40 year-old woman stuck in a low-end job with no real prospects until she creates a fake facebook page that gets the attention of a high-end finance company which feels that the fake "her" is the ideal person to take on a major consulting project for them.  You can see most of what occurs coming as this innocent and entertaining rom-com wends its way through the expected excitement of getting the big job, through the fear of getting caught, and into the meeting of someone who just might be Mr. Right.  A second star of the show  is New York City itself, as much of the action was filmed in the streets and in the businesses of the city that never sleeps, and those businesses were allowed to stay open and serve customers, so if it all seems real to you, that’s because it is!  As always, JLo works hard, she is believable, and she offers up a good reason to sit down and enjoy some mind candy.  Also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini, and Milo Ventimiglia from "This Is Us."  Rated 14A.


    Vagabond (2019):

    This Netflix Original comes to us from South Korea and tells the story, in an action-adventure format, of two people who come together from opposite sides of a problem.  One is a stuntman named Cha who is involved in a terrible plane crash, and discovers corruption on an international scale as a result. The other is Go, eldest daughter of a deceased Marine who works undercover for Special Ops in order to support her mother and younger sister.  Soon, Go and Cha are working on the same case. Rated 14A.

The Favourite (2018):

It is early 18th century England, and a frail Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman) is on the throne, but isn’t actually governing the country, as her close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) is really doing all the work.  Emma Stone is Abigail, and new servant who fills in for Sarah as the companion to the queen. Olivia Coleman won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the damaged monarch. The story takes us behind the scenes where lust and unusual relationships abound.  Rated 18A.



Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018):

Based on actual events, Joaquin Phoenix stars as John Callahan, a young man severely injured in a car accident in which he was the impaired driver.  His alcoholism led him to that place, where he emerged a quadriplegic, and it appeared that his life was pretty much over.  While in rehab, he found that he had an ability to draw editorial cartoons, and with the help of his girlfriend (Rooney Mara) and his sponsor (Jonah Hill), he learns that perhaps there is a life worth living after all.  Set and shot in Portland, OR, home of the real-life John Callahan.  Rated 14A.