April 9th - 15th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Welcome to Marwen:

    This is a very unusual movie, one where theatre audience members snickered and fidgeted because they didn’t really know what to expect.  A true story, based on the life of artist Mark Hogencamp, it profiles his attempt to return to sanity and some degree of a normal life after a beating so severe by Neo-Nazis in 2000, that he had to be revived by paramedics, and his face was so disfigured from the beating that his own mother did not recognize him.  Every memory prior to the event was beaten out of Hogencamp, and after a year of rehabilitative therapy, his money ran out and he could not continue.  In order to escape the trauma of the event, and the severe PTSD that followed, Hogencamp created a miniature world based on a WWII Belgian town that he called Marwen, and populated it with dolls, mostly based on people in his life, who were fighting WWII in a very real way inside his mind.  No longer able to draw or illustrate, he used his camera and his dolls to increase his eye-hand coordination, and to attempt some semblance of recovery.  A most interesting trip inside the mind of a man crippled mentally, the film stars Steve Carrell and Leslie Mann, and was directed by Robert Zemekis.  Extremely odd, but worth sticking with just to see what happens.  18 years later, the real Mark Hogencamp still works with Marwen and with his camera.  Rated 14A.


  • A Dog's Way Home:

    This family adventure tale features a puppy voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard as the main character, a dog born under a condemned building, sharing its early life with families of cats as well as its doggy mother.  Played by real life shelter dogs at various ages, Bella faces warmth and love from her adoptive human family, and she faces the trials of making her way back home when she is temporarily sent to a New Mexico family, while her owner makes new living arrangements because she was part-pit bull, a species not allowed in the city.  Set in Colorado and New Mexico, but filmed in British Columbia, in and around Hope, in the Fraser Valley, and in the Ladner area, it was directed by Charles Martin Smith (American Graffiti, Never Cry Wolf).  Bella is fine with her temporary family, but she feels she must go home, not realizing that it's a 700 km journey, which takes her more than two years to accomplish ... and after all that, she is right back in the grips of the same animal control people that sent her on the run in the first place.  A little hokey, but well-positioned as a family film, the only thing to watch for would be the sensitivity of some very young children who may find the whole dog-in-distress story, along with being separated from home and family, a little too intense.   Ashley Judd, Wes Studi, and James Edward Olmos also star.  Rated PG.

  • Holmes & Watson:

    Writer Etan Cohen (not to be confused with the Coen Brothers of Fargo fame) who scripted Tropic Thunder and Men in Black 3 has taken the Sherlock Holmes story into the realm of comedy, with Will Ferrell as the detective, and John C. Reilly as Watson.  Rather than basing this on an actual Holmes book or story, it is simply an exaggerated Saturday Night Live sketch from 1975 in which Ferrell played Holmes.  Ralph Fiennes plays Moriarity. It has been viewed by most reviewers and critics as one of the worst films of the past year, and I would have no trouble agreeing with that position.  The basic premise is so thin, with no real story to hang it on, which leaves us largely watching Will Ferrell mug, and seeing John C. Reilly as little more than an add-on. Rated 14A.

  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,
    Season 2:

    After a quick start that surprised almost everyone, this complete reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is back with a continuation of the storylines that shocked and amazed, as the dark subject matter, rife with witches and warlocks, offered up complex tales and excellent special effects.  Shot in the spookier parts of the Lower Mainland of BC, Kiernan returns as Sabrina Spellman, who has chosen to study both the dark arts, and being a regular teen.  Excellent series, rated 14A.


    Suzzanna: Buried Alive:

    This Netflix original from Asia tells the story of Suzzanna and her husband Satia, married for seven years, but not blessed with children.  When he has to take an emergency international business trip, she is left alone, unaware that some of his vengeful employees have decided to ransack the home thinking that it was empty.  Suzzanna is found there, they murder her, and bury her in the backyard.  The next morning, Suzzanna is going about her usual business as though nothing has happened.  Billed as a comedy-horror-drama, it is a strange movie indeed!  Rated 14A. 

Beautiful Boy (2018):

Steve Carrell plays real life husband and dad David Sheff, who, along with his son Nic (Timothee Chalamet) both chronicled their mutual fight over Nic's drug addiction with a series of memoirs that outline the predictable string of addiction, recovery, relapse, and self-hate that is the lot of many young addicts.  Chalamet lost 25 pounds prior to the production starting, so that he would look like the bottomed-out heroin addict in the movie's opening scenes. Maura Tierney co-stars.  Rated 14A.



Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018):

Based on actual events, Joaquin Phoenix stars as John Callahan, a young man severely injured in a car accident in which he was the impaired driver.  His alcoholism led him to that place, where he emerged a quadriplegic, and it appeared that his life was pretty much over.  While in rehab, he found that he had an ability to draw editorial cartoons, and with the help of his girlfriend (Rooney Mara) and his sponsor (Jonah Hill), he learns that perhaps there is a life worth living after all.  Set and shot in Portland, OR, home of the real-life John Callahan.  Rated 14A.