Oct 10th - 16th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Skyscraper:

    Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, and Canadian actress Neve Campbell (Party of Five) are a loving husband and wife here, as Johnson's character, Will Sawyer, former Special Forces, former FBI, former kidnap extractor, has landed a gig as a security expert testing the safety of The Pearl in Hong Kong, the world's tallest building.  Campbell's character, Sarah Sawyer is no slouch either ... she was a combat surgeon in the US Army with three tours in Afghanistan to her credit.  They are parents of two children, and one of the perks of his new job is to have the family take residence on one of the upper floors of the soon-to-be-completed state-of-the-art building.  But Will is a patsy ... there is skulduggery afoot, with a terrorist faction wanting to destroy the building for its own reasons, framing Will for the big security breach.  His family is in the building when they are supposed to be at the zoo, when the big disaster occurs.  Will climbs a construction crane, and with no training whatsoever, manages to maneuver it expertly to allow him to run its length, and jump towards the burning building.  Climbing, hand over hand, going over broken glass Bruce Willis-style from Die Hard, and performing amazing physical feats, Will gets back into the building where he sets out to save his family, to get to the bottom of the plot to destroy the edifice. This is a cheesy movie, but it's one that I found just enough fun to stay engaged, largely because of The Rock.  Rated 14A. 


  • Hotel Transylvania 3:

    From Sony Pictures Animation, this is the third in the series of animated films that began in 2013 with the movie in which Count Dracula was found running a hotel for monsters, no humans allowed.  His daughter Mavis was a key player there, and she is key to this movie, where she wants her widowed dad to get a break from the nightly grind of looking after other creatures, from the Invisible .Man to Frankenstein's Monster, to the Blob, and the Mummy.  This time, it's a cruise ship, and Mavis surprises daddy Drac with a big vacation afloat, along with all the usual characters who haunted his hotel.  There's a big difference ... the captain of the giant, floating hotel is Erica ... what Drac doesn't know is that her last name is Van Helsing, and that her great grandfather is Dad's most mortal enemy.  Drac falls for Erica, which is her plan, as she works with her aged great grandpa to bring about the destruction of what is a long-standing feud ... but hey, this is a cartoon targeted at children, so we learn that Drac is actually a kind, gentle soul who just wants people and monsters to get along.   Dare I spoil this to say that all ends well?  It's true - no cartoon monsters were hurt in the making of this movie. Rated PG.

  • Hotel Artemis:

    Oscar-winning actress Jody Foster is back after a five year absence is this violent look at a near future society in which rioters rule, and bad guys are the good guys, sort of.  Set in Los Angeles in 2028, just 10 years hence, the movie has many of the elements of Escape From Los Angeles, and Escape From New York, both of which were set in the early 2000s, and both of which featured the same dark, shot-at-night exteriors, and post-apocalyptic challenges.  Artemis is not post-apocalypse, just a natural extension of the gang rule and police brutality moved a decade forward from today.  It's not a hotel, but rather a hospital for injured and wounded criminals, and it's for members only.  Foster's character, a Nurse named Mrs. Thomas, is the key healthcare worker in this dark, bleak, hell-on-earth city. The entire story is essentially a day in the life ... we see criminals checking in, and checking out ... with the nub of the story having the Wolf King (Jeff Goldblum), the kingpin criminal who runs the city, coming in with a major wound ... he also owns Artemis, and has had Nurse running it for the past 2 years.  The story, helmed by first time director Drew Pearce, who also wrote the script - he wrote Iron Man 3 and Mission Impossible 5 - is a mish-mash of colliding events, including a hit woman (Sophia Boutella who was the Mummy in the last iteration of that franchise) there to do someone in on a contract killing, a cop who shouldn't be there at all, and a challenge for Nurse, who suffers from PTSD and anxiety from the loss of her son many years ago.  To say I liked it would be a stretch ... I found it interesting, was happy to see Jody Foster back in harness, and felt that one of the best aspects of the film is that it was short.  Rated 18A for violence and language.

  • Nappily Every After:

    Violet Jones (Sanaa Latham of Now You See Me 2 and Alien VS Predator) is a woman who decides that she is tired of waiting for her long-time boyfriend to propose, so she cuts him loose ... only to regret it when she sees him with another woman.  This Netflix exclusive is a romantic comedy that also features Ernie Hudson and Lynn Whitfield in a story that originally had Halle Berry attached to it for the lead role, but when the production was moved over to Netflix last year, she was replaced by Latham.  Rated 14A.


    A Wrinkle in Time:

    Storm Reid plays Meg, a girl whose scientist father disappears leaving her to find her own way in life.  When she is visited by three ethereal beings, Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey); Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon); and Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), everything changes ... they begin to teach Meg what Oprah taught on her television show for years ... be the best "you" you can be, believe in yourself, and never stop trying.  Great movie for young people, especially girls, age 8 to about 14.  Rated PG.

Life Is Beautiful (1997):

The Best Actor Oscar that went to Roberto Benigni for his role as mild-mannered librarian, confined to a concentration camp during the Holocaust, was well-deserved.  This is one of those stories that must not be forgotten, and it's a time in history that hasn't been viewed from this perspective before.  Excellent film!  Rated 14A. 



Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan:

John Krasinski takes off today as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan in a new, big-budget streaming version of the action-spy adventure.  This one is a series that has a lot of juice behind it.  Ryan is a CIA analyst who is thrust into field work today as he uncovers a pattern of terrorist activity with frightening consequences.  Rated 14A.