May 8th - 14th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Fifty Shades Freed:

    Well, by the time the third instalment in this sex-drenched trilogy rolls around, you know exactly what to expect.  Constant nudity, constant sex scenes, and constant attempts to create some kind of story to tie all the liaisons together.  Christian and Anastasia (Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson) are now married, but that doesn't stop their rabbit-like ability to punctuate every plot point with a roll in the hay, or whatever happens to be handy.  His company computers have been hacked, and a shadowy character from the past threatens to upset everything, and may even result in the taking of a life.  Quick - jump into bed!  High speed car chase?  Pull over to the side of the road for ... well, you get the idea.  If you enjoyed the source material, Fifty Shades of Grey, you may find this one-movie-too-many some kind of fun ... but for those who believe that if God had meant for people to run around naked, they would have been born that way, take a pass.  Rated 18A.


  • Batman Ninja:

    What has happened to poor Batman in this animated feature from Japan?  It looks as if the Dark Knight, many of his allies, and some of his worst enemies, are going to have to learn how to fight all over again.  An evil villain, Gorilla Grodd, has not only transported them back in time, he has transported them physically to Japan during Feudal times, where The Joker takes over as the chief Feudal Lord, and the other bad guys such as The Penguin and Two Face fall into line as lesser evil ones, all aligned with The Joker.  No problem – just jump in the Batmobile and track them all down, right? Wrong – no roads or highways, and no Batmobile, no Bat Wing, no high-tech tools of any sort. So the Caped Crusader, along with Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Alfred the Butler, all have to manage with Ninja swords and other battle gear of the times.  Definitely an acquired taste here, for a very specific Japan anime type of audience. The fight scenes were done with live-action people, and were then used to do the animation. A peculiar movie! Rated 14A.

  • Into the Fade:

    Diane Kruger stars in this German-made movie in which she speaks her native language throughout.  This was Germany’s entry at last year’s Oscars for Best Foreign Film, and tells the story of Katja, a woman who marries an imprisoned drug dealer, and later has his child.  When the dealer/husband gets out of jail, he begins a straight-arrow life as a tax accountant, but this does not stop people from his criminal past to look him up and do a little fixing of things here and there.  The upshot is that Katja’s husband and her young son are both killed in a bombing, and that sets her on a course focused only on revenge when it seems that the criminal justice system is doing nothing to help. Rated 14A.

  •  Kodachrome:

    This Netflix exclusive is a road movie in which a movie producer son (Jason Sudeikis) and his terminally ill father (Ed Harris), an accomplished photographer, embark on a life-changing road trip, one that will define their challenged relationship on several different levels.  Their quest is a photo processing plant in Kansas, the last remaining place where Kodachrome film can be developed, and the father wants to see it before he dies.  Elizabeth Olson also stars in this set-in-the-US but shot-in-Toronto film.  Rated 14A 



    Mercury 13:

    Another Netflix exclusive, this story centres on 13 women who, at the same time the original Mercury 7 astronauts were being selected and trained, also went though similar selection and training processes, although not as an official project arm of NASA.  Although none were ever selected for a flight, and none ever flew anything but an airplane, the fact is that the women scored better on most tests, had faster reflexes, did problem-solving at a higher level, and reacted better under pressure than many of the male astronauts.  But the 1960s were still a man's world, and the opportunity to strut their stuff never came.  Interesting to note that, five decades later, female astronauts have served in many capacities in space including commanding the ISS.  Rated 14A.



    Kevin James:Never Don't Give Up:

    During all the years that James, a former standup comic, was doing his King of Queens TV series, and later Kevin Can Wait, he has been scribbling away at a new standup act, just looking for the opportunity to get enough material together so that he could get back on stage.  Like Jay Leno, he never really considered himself an actor, just a standup comic between jobs, which is why he was doing television.  This special looks at his new material in a recorded-live concert and he is still pretty funny!  Rated 14A.

The Detail:

This CTV crime procedural which began airing its 10-episode arc in March, comes to Cravetv this week with three episodes now, and then one each week for seven weeks.  It's the story of three female police detectives tasked with solving murders while also dealing with their personal lives.  A great cast includes Wendy Crewson, Angela Griffin, and Shenae Grimes-Beech.  Two of the male characters previously starred in CTV's Rookie Blue.  Rated 14A. 



If you missed the first two episodes that set the ratings world afire, you can stream the series from Amazon ... I was never a fan of the original series, but I have to admit that this one is a lot of fun ... very well-made, and a lot of laughs!