Feb 6th - 12th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Only the Brave:

    The mark of good storytelling is to take an event based on reality to which everyone knows the outcome, and still tell a story dripping with tension that keeps the audience engaged fully.   This is the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the forest fire fighting team that lost 19 of its 20 members in the Yarnell, AZ fire in June of 2013.  It was the greatest loss of life by first responders in the US since the events of 9/11 in New York City.  Josh Brolin is a dead-ringer for Superintendent Eric Marsh (Supe), the man who headed up firefighting operations in Prescott, AZ, and who created the Hotshots and had them certified to go to the front lines.  His characterization is a warts-and-all performance that doesn't attempt to convince us that he, and each member of his team, were red-blooded heroes and nothing more.  Each was flawed, and in many cases, not very likable, but as the story progresses, and we come to know their families and understand their shortcomings.  The story is told through the eyes of Brendan McDonough (Miles Teller), a 21 year-old who flirted too much with drugs, who broke up with his pregnant girlfriend via text message, and who's own mother threw him out of the house after he returned from an evening of drinking, brawling.  We follow the formation of the team, their certification as the first municipal hotshot team in the US, and their work saving homes and families from the ravages of wildfires. Longish at two hours and 13 minutes, that running time is necessary to develop ties with the characters and their families.  Notable is Jennifer Connolly as Amanda Marsh, wife of the Supe.  Vancouver's Taylor Kitsch is excellent in his role, another well-fleshed out character.  We know how it ends for the 19 ... but it will still bring a tear to your eye. Rated 14A.


  • A Bad Moms Christmas:

    If you saw last year's Bad Moms, a hard-R-rated comedy about three suburban mothers who decide to ditch all that is expected of them, and just go off on a tear, you will get all that came before, just about doubled.  The moms are played by Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn.  This time the theme is Christmas, and once again the moms are overwhelmed with all the expectations others have of them - everything from preparing the perfect dinner to dealing with their spouses' Super Bowl parties.  And if that's not enough, just a week before Christmas, their own moms drop in on them to stay for the Holidays, creating even more R-rated uproar.  The Mom's Moms are played by Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, and Cheryl Hines, and their additional experience just adds fuel to the fire in terms of keeping their daughters, and the men to whom they are married, in their places.  From the same writing and direction team that created the Hangover movies, you'll know what your getting walking in to the theatre, and you may have forgotten all that you saw and heard before you get out of the parking lot, but during the show, a raunchy time is had by all.  Not recommended for those sensitive to a slew of sex jokes.  Rated 18A.

  • Suburbicon:

    Even if  you like the Coen Brothers (O Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski, Fargo) you still may not get what's going on here.  They wrote this strange story of a perfect little town in the late 1950s, but they did not direct - that job fell to George Clooney, who has worked with the Brothers material many times before, most recently in Hail Caesar.  Clooney's pal Matt Damon is the star here, playing Gardner, married to invalid Rose (Julianne Moore), father of one child.  Suburbicon looks like the perfect little town, but looks aren't everything.  When a home invasion goes wrong, and Rose dies in the process, we begin to see the grim underbelly of the place ... and of the people.  Rose has a twin sister named Margaret, also played by Julianne Moore, and before Roses' body is cold and in the grave, the sister has moved into Gardner's home because, as she explains, "the boy needs a mother."  There's another motive there too that isn't nearly so pure.  There are flashes of brilliance here, but overall, it's a dark and somewhat unhinged mish-mash of a movie.  Rated 14A.

  • Mortdecai:

    One of the biggest flops of 2015, losing more than $20 million, I still found this Johnny Depp vehicle charming and somewhat funny.  Depp is a sometime art dealer, sometime MI5 spy, and is a fair shot with most weapons.  He co-stars with Paul Bettany in a story of foreign intrigue and an air of British humour.  Depp is the title character and he plays it out much like the late British actor, Terry Thomas, right down to the gap-toothed grin.  Gwyneth Paltrow also stars.  Rated 14A.



    The Journey (2016):

    With movies focused on the politics of the past, this film that had little distribution outside the UK is suddenly fashionable.  It's 2006, the Northern Ireland peace talks are on the table, and Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney) and Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) are forced to share a car together during an eventful ride between two near-enemies.  Watch for an interesting turn by Freddy HIghmore (The Good Doctor).  Rated 14A. 

Harry Styles: Live in Manchester:

From a hit turn with One Direction, Harry Styles debut solo album dropped at number one, and here, before a live studio audience, he and his band offer tracks from their new album, some covers of older material, and some insight as to what makes this young man so successful.  


First Flights with Neil Armstrong (1991)

Although this series is 26 years old, and Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, has been dead for five years, aviation buffs will want to catch each season of the three that Amazon is offering, in which Armstrong introduces specific eras in aviation, and sometimes flies the planes that he is profiling, from the old "Jenny" biplanes that delivered the mail in post-WWI America, to the first jet trainers such as the T-33 Silver Star that set the tone for the jet age.  I know it's a specific market, but if you like planes, you'll love all of this!