Nov 28th - Dec 4th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Logan Lucky:

    I like a good heist movie, and this one about a robbery during a NASCAR race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway goes down as smoothly as a Mint Julep, understated, but with a punch that you don’t feel until later.  Channing Tatum is a single dad who works at the Speedway, but is fired because on old football injury creates an insurance liability for the company.  He’s a single dad who needs the money.  He and his brother hatch a plot to rob the place, but they need help.  A nearly unrecognizable Daniel Craig as Joe Bang, an imprisoned demolition expert is brought in as a partner … in order for the heist to work it means breaking him out of prison, and then breaking him back in again.  A very clever film that makes the good ol’ boys look just a little smarter than one might think in some scenes … and just a little stupider in others.  Katie Holmes also stars.  Rated 14A.


  • Acts of Vengeance:

    As much as I like a good heist movie, I think I like a good revenge movie even more, and that’s what we get here when Frank Valera (Antonio Banderas), a tough, fast-talking lawyer, has his wife and daughter murdered. In his law practice, he dealt with some very bad people, and specialized in getting them off on technicalities, but now Frank sets aside everything in his life, he dedicates the next months to becoming as fit as is humanly possible, he takes a vow of silence and refuses to break that vow until he finds out who killed his family, and he extracts his revenge.  Good cast that also includes Karl Urban, and Robert Forster.  The movie has never been in theatres as it went direct to video, but it’s serviceable and has some great tension as Frank closes in on the perpetrators.  Banderas is excellent and saves what might be a very pedestrian movie. Rated 14A. 

  • I Do … Until I Don’t:

    Actress Lake Bell (The Practice, Boston Legal) goes a couple of steps beyond in this peculiar film that she wrote, that she directs, and in which she stars.  The premise is that marriage should not be forever, but rather a string of seven-year renewable contracts out of which either party can opt at the end of the seventh year.  Done like a documentary, it follows the married lives of three couples as they work their way through their relationships.  A most peculiar film, it still managed to attract a cast that includes Ed Helms (The Hangover), Mary Steenburgen, Amber Heard, and Paul Reiser.  Rated 14A.  

  • The 33 (2015):

     It's a mystery to me as to why this based-on-fact film about the mine collapse in Chile in August of 2010 did not do well at the box office.  33 miners in a gold and copper mine in a remote Chilean location spent 69 days underground while resources from all over the world were brought to bear above ground to try to save them.  Antonio Banderas stars as one of the key miners down below, working to try to keep everyone together, positive, and optimistic.  As well as being trapped for more than three months while the world watched on CNN, the miners themselves, got no cut of the proceeds made on their story, not from the book and not from the movie.  A lot of money was made based on their ordeal, but not by them.  Josh Brolin and Lou Diamond Phillips also star in what is a well-told story that didn't get the respect it deserved.



    Do the Right Thing (1989):

    Spike Lee wrote and directed this story set in a tough part of Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year, inside a pizza joint that has been a part of the neighbourhood for 25 years.  Danny Aiello is Sal, the owner, and race troubles break out when a regular customer asks why all the pictures on the wall are of Italian-Americans when almost all the customers are African-American.  The customer asking the question is played by a then-31 year-old Giancarlo Esposito whom Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans have come to know as the cool-but-deadly Gus Fring.  Rated 18A. 

Star Trek: Discovery:

This new series has set a record for Canadian viewing on specialty channels, and is the hottest series currently running on Crave.  If you haven't gotten with the program, you can go back to the beginning and screen the two-hour-long pilot which is sensational, and then follow the fortunes of Discovery and her crew as they fight the Klingon Wars in the decade previous to the action that would follow with the Star Ship Enterprise.  Excellent special effects and a great story as well.


The plot for this alleged sci-fi thriller sounds far better than the execution.  An artifact found on earth suggests that a long-lost alien spacecraft is hidden nearby, and that, on the moon, people will find the secrets of the stars.  Doesn't really play out like that - looks like it was made using an iPhone and some props made in a neighbour's garage.  Wordy, with far too much talk and no action, this one is a real dog.  Just warning you!!  Rated 14A.