November 14th - 20th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Wind River:

    Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson are outstanding in this murder mystery thriller with a big difference.  Renner is Cory Lambert, a Fish & Wildlife Officer the territory of which overlaps a Native American reservation.  He knows the turf and he knows the people and has a family connection to the area.  He is approached by the Tribe to help look into the murder of a young Native woman on Tribal land.  Olson is Jane Banner, a rookie FBI agent assigned to the case who does not know the turf, or the people, and has no connection whatsoever.  Shot on location in Wyoming during winter, the actors struggled with frostbite and extreme cold as they worked their ways through the tense, tightly-scripted whodunnit in an environment not often seen.  Excellent performances by Canadian First Nations actor Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) and Order of Canada Member Tantoo Cardinal, and Native American Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven).  A very strong tie in terms of subject matter to our country’s Missing Indigenous Women issues, while filming on Reserve land, the film company was advised by Tribal Elders that at that very moment there were 12 unsolved murders in the community of just 6,000.  An outstanding film!  Rated 14A.


  • Atomic Blonde:

    Charlize Theron is Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 operative sent undercover to Cold War Berlin to investigate two things – one is the murder of a fellow agent; the other is the recovery of a list that contains the names of all those working undercover in the area.  What form this list takes is unknown, but it’s critical that it be found.  Beyond this brief description, it’s difficult to speak plot and story without revealing key points that lead to the outcome.  There is a great deal of action, hand-to-hand and otherwise, the tension ramps up with every scene, and as things progress it becomes increasingly clear that nothing is as it appears to be, and no one is who they seem to be.  Theron did all her own stunt work and cracked two teeth in the process.  She had seven personal trainers on set with her, and did her preliminary martial arts training with Keanu Reeves, sharing trainers, as he was preparing for his second John Wick movie.  A lot of blood, a lot of profanity, but it fits the times and it fits the script.  If action-spy-thrillers are your thing, this will fill the bill nicely.  John Goodman also stars. Rated 18A. 

  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature:

    Now for something completely different, this focused-on-kids animated feature that follows the action by the animals in the park of the previous movie from 2014.  Will Arnett once again voices Surly the mouse who now seems to have something of a relationship with Andie, one of his own species, voiced again by Katherine Heigl. This time there is big trouble when it becomes clear that the somewhat opportunistic mayor of Oakton City (voice of Bobby Moynahan) plans to collude with developers to turn the park into a low-end amusement park and carnival.  The forest animals know they must get together on this to prevent their homes from being lost forever.  Jackie Chan and Maya Rudolf also provide voices. Rated PG.

  • Jerry Before Seinfeld: (A Netflix Original):

    This sharp documentary looks at Jerry Seinfeld as he returns to The Comic Strip, the club where he began his career at age 20, working for free hamburgers as he sharpened and developed his style and his jokes.  His 40 minute routine, peppered with new material and a lot of his classics, is interrupted by film clips of him returning to his family home back in the old neighbourhood, there are home movies, and there is a lot of warmth and some very funny moments.  Rated PG.



    Our Brand Is Crisis (2015):

    Easily the worst title for a movie in many years, it tells us nothing as to what this film might be about.  Sandra Bullock is Jane, a long-time political consultant who takes on a job in Bolivia to help get the existing government re-elected.  Sounds simple enough, but her old rival, Pat Candy (Billie Bob Thornton) is working for the opposition, and he knows a lot about how to win.  Bullock did double duty here, starring in, as well as producing the film, which is based on actual events and actual people, although it is highly fictionalized.  Rated 14A.

Shut Eye:

Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) is back in a Cravetv original series (it's from Hulu in the States, the same folks that brought us The Handmaid's Tale), in which he plays a failed magician, who, after a freak accident, goes to work as a psychic.  Not the real thing ... or maybe he is!  Season one consists of ten episodes, season two has been assured, coming early next year.  Rated 18A. 


The plot for this alleged sci-fi thriller sounds far better than the execution.  An artifact found on earth suggests that a long-lost alien spacecraft is hidden nearby, and that, on the moon, people will find the secrets of the stars.  Doesn't really play out like that - looks like it was made using an iPhone and some props made in a neighbour's garage.  Wordy, with far too much talk and no action, this one is a real dog.  Just warning you!!  Rated 14A.