April 4th - 10th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

    This stand-alone film has only tangential connections to previous Star Wars movies – there is not Luke Skywalker yet, no Han Solo, and a lack of the regular characters, although they still exist in this time.  Set just prior to the first movie in the series, Episode !V: A New Hope, we see the evil Empire, along with Darth Vader, setting up the Death Star in its bid to annihilate the populations of a hundred worlds and take full control of the galaxy.  Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) gets herself caught up in the drama involving stopping the Death Star by delivering its plans to members of the Rebel forces, and therein lies the story.  Lots of X-wing fighter action, and very little light-saber work leave us with some new characters, such as a droid named K2SO, and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) fill out the storyboard with intrigue and adventure.  The final scene, which I won’t give away for those who have not seen the film yet, is a beautiful piece of special effects that ties this movie to the one that follows.  I enjoyed it a great deal, it did a lot of box office action, and it’s well-worth seeing or owning. Rated PG.

  • Office Christmas Party:

    Although this is hardly the time for a film such as this, it plays as badly now as it did back in December.  An R-rated comedy with a lot of language and a great deal of sexual content, it’s the story of a business that has been left to a woman named Carol (Jennifer Aniston) after the death of her father.  She has become a stern taskmaster and decides to shut down one of the less-productive branches of the company that happens to be run by her brother Clay (T.J. Miller).  Clay doesn’t want to be left jobless, so he enlists the help of friend and co-worker  Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) to put together a caper that will force his sister to reconsider … a major party designed to land a big client is the idea that Clay thinks will do the trick.  I found it a pretty thin premise with not a lot new, but for fans of Jason Bateman and Ms. Aniston, it’s worth a look. Rated 18A.

  • Don’t Kill It!:

    What happens when an ancient demon begins stalking the population of a small, Mississippi  town – who ya gonna call?  Well, in this direct-to-DVD movie, that call will have to be made to an old demon-hunter named Jebediah Woodley (Dolph Lundgren, but he needs a little help, and he enlists the talents of an FBI agent named Evelyn Price (Kristina Klebe).  Together they take on the task of trying to rid the town of the horror that threatens everyone.  If you like a horror film heavy on blood-and-guts with a lot of stuff splattering everywhere as the demon does its business, this will work for you.  Not a story that we haven’t all seen before, and special effects right out of a low-end videogame, it won’t be for most of us, but slasher fans will like it.  Rated 14A.

  • The Siege of Jadotville (2016):

    This exceptional true story is a made-by-Netflix movie with a big-screen feel. It's the early 1960s and things are becoming unravelled in Africa as Katanga Province is up for grabs following the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected leader of The Congo.  At play are gold and diamonds, interests from various European factions, the USSR, and internal tribal politics as African revolutionary Moise Tshombe seeks control.  With that backdrop, a small force of UN Peacekeepers, all from Ireland, none of whom have seen actual action, are tasked with holding and protecting the small town of Jadotville. Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, politics come into play at every turn as Commandant Pat Quilan leads his handful of men as his own leadership seems to abandon them.  The French and the Belgians are looking for power here, and the United Nations seems ineffective in controlling the situation - Quilan asks for reinforcements repeatedly, and is refused repeatedly, being told that there is a "bigger picture at play" than just the lives of his few dozen soldiers.  A remarkable film that will keep you enthralled if you like a good military story, and one that is covered in deadly truth.  Rated 14A.

    Monster (2003):

    Another based-on-actual-events story, this one features real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a Florida prostitute who became something rarely found in women - a vicious serial killer.  Part of her modus operandi as a hooker was in hitchhiking to pick up men.  On one occasion, she is brutally attacked by a man who gives her a ride, and after a brutal fight, she kills him.  Taking his car and his money, she goes into hiding, wants to straighten our her life, but has few skills and limited education, so soon she's back on the road, only now, she dispenses with the frivolities.  She goes right for the kill, takes the money, and moves on.  Wuornos is eventually caught, she pleads self-defence, and what happens to her next is a matter of record, but no spoilers here.  Charlize Theron won a Best Actress Oscar for her role as the title character, and for much of the film, she is very difficult to recognize, truly a monster.  Rated 18A. 

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records: (2015):

In 1999, Tower Records made $1 billion and was operating around the world ... it 2006 it was bankrupt.  This is the amazing story of Russ Solomon who founded the company in California, who hired people as sales and clerical people who were allowed to use drugs and marijuana on the premises, as long as they weren't high when dealing with customers, and who interacted with such stars as Elton John and Mick Jagger who frequented the Los Angeles location just to see how their records were selling.  An outstanding documentary, this one will help you understand just how a business is more than a number ... it's all about the people.  Rated 14A.