Dec 6th - 13th Downloads
& DVDs
  • The Secret Life Of Pets:

    Max the dog (voice of Louis CK) has a nice life in his Manhattan high rise, socializing with all the other pets who’s owners are at work, leaving the pets to run their own lives … but it all changes when his owner introduces another dog into the mix, a mongrel named Duke with no apparent social skills.  Max is not happy, but soon there is a big diversion when Max and Duke are outside in the park, and a diabolical ringleader of a rabbit named Snowball (voice of Kevin Hart) tips his hand – Snowball is the leader of a gang of animals that have been abandoned in the sewer system, flushed down toilets or simply thrown into gutters, everything from goldfish to alligators.  A huge mystery is brewing, and all the “apartment” pets are at risk unless they learn to cooperate with the gang from the sewers.  Good fun, did very well at the box office, and is a great movie for all ages. Rated PG.



  • Jason Bourne:

    After skipping a Bourne movie, Jason Bourne is back in the person of Matt Damon, and this time there aren’t many secrets left unsolved.  He knows who he is, he knows the things for which he has been trained, and he knows who the good guys and the bad guys are, sometimes!  Julia Stiles returns as Nicky Parsons, and she knows that there is big trouble in store for Jason Bourne, because his role in previous CIA activities is about to be exposed.  She tracks him down to Greece, and soon they learn that a crack assassin is on their tale.  As is often the case with Bourne movies, the tension revolves around who is whom, and which factions are going to survive this war.  The series is getting on in years now, which leaves the number of surprise out there fewer and fewer, and our level of expectation as a viewer is higher and higher.  Not the best of the Bournes, but still an excellent action adventure spy thriller. Rated 14A.

  • The Hollars:

    John Krasinski (The Office) directed and stars in this story of yet another dysfunctional small-town family into which adult children are thrust long after they have left home.  Krasinski is John Hollar, building a reputation as an artist in New York City, who is forced to return home when he learns that his mother (Margo Martindale) is facing a delicate operation to remove a brain tumour.  He shows up with his pregnant fiancé (Anna Kendrick), has to deal with his difficult father (Richard Jenkins) as well as some old high school friends and his old girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and for a time, it looks as if this trip might his undoing.  Josh Groban and Randall Park also star.  Quite derivative, but not a bad diversion.  Rated 14A.

  • London Has Fallen (2016):

     Well, first Olympus fell when the White House was destroyed by terrorists who kidnapped the American President ... and now it's even worse as we go across the pond and see such iconic locations as London Bridge fall to the bombs of those who would destroy the Western way of life.  Gerard Butler is back as Mike Banning, who, in the first instalment of this series, was a disgraced CIA agent who managed to save the President and a good part of the free world.  Also back is Aaron Eckhart as the American President who had lived to fight another day, something not so fortunate for some of his peers at the world leadership table.  In this movie, the British PM dies suddenly, and world leaders all converge upon London to pay tribute, and to attend his funeral. Now that everyone is present, it's like a shooting gallery, with the Canadian Prime Minister the first to go.  Mike Banning to the rescue, but not before some serious damage is done.  A very good action-thriller.  Rated 14A.


    Green Room (2015)

    Anton Yelchin, who was Chekhov on the most recent Star Trek series of movies, and who died tragically in a freak accident on his own driveway when his SUV pinned him against a brick pillar, is Pat, a member of a punky grunge band in the Pacific Northwest, who, while on tour working through a series of small towns and cities, stumble across an horrific act of violence.  The Skin Heads who were the perpetrators, don't want any witnesses, so the chase is on.  A very interesting, though unusual film shot in Oregon.  Rated 18A for violence.

The Leisure Class (2015):

This made-for-American cable movie stars Ed Weeks (Jeremy from The Mindy Project) as William, an apparently debonair English gent who is courting Fiona (The Last Ship, Jane the Virgin, Agent Carter) who is the well-to-do daughter of a US Senator.  William is actually no gentleman at all - his key motive is to gain access to the millions of dollars held in trust in a charity run by the politician.  Seems to be working well until William begins to realize he has feelings for Fiona.  So, what's more important - love or money?  Rated 14A.