Oct 25th - Oct 31st Downloads
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  • Lights Out:

    An outstanding chiller in which Teresa Palmer (Point Break) plays a young woman named Rebecca, who seems just a little odd. When her younger brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman), who lives with their alcoholic mother, gets into trouble at school, it’s Rebecca who gets the call. Martin has been acting out at school, and Rebecca takes her home to help him out, because he says he is afraid to go to sleep at his house. Rebecca knows that feeling. As a young girl living in her mother’s house, she was haunted by a strange presence. She left home in her teens and never went back, and now the same entity seems to be after Martin. Don’t go to sleep, and don’t turn out the lights. If you do … what you face may be far worse than death. An excellent chiller with no blood and guys, and a very interesting ending. This movie made it’ Rated 14A.


  • Nerve:

    Emma Roberts, niece of Julia, is a high school senior going through the usual angst that occurs when one worries more about their social life and social standing than they do about academics and the future. Here she is a character named Vee, and when she stumbles across an online gaming community that begins by making small dares to be carried out by the participants, she feels like she belongs. But the dares become more and more complex, more

    and more dangerous, and soon are tracking towards the illegal and the criminal. To this point it’s not difficult to see how a young woman such as Vee could get caught up in this, but unfortunately, the payoff just isn’t there at the movies’ end. Just warning you! Dave Franco also stars. Rated 14A.

  • Captain Fantastic:

    Viggo Mortensen is Bo and Trin Miller plays his wife, Leslie. They have lived off the grid for years in the wilds of Washington State. Their large family, consisting of several children, have been home-schooled, but not in a registered way, so there is no record of their academic successes and failures. Bo believes that the world “out there” is all bad – Fascist, evil, greedy, and doomed to ultimate destruction. His kids have been taught to be survivalists, and he and Leslie have taken great pains to keep them sheltered from the wickedness in the cities and in corporate America. When a chain of circumstances force Bo out into the world with his children, he has to re-evaluate every thing he ever believed. Rated 14A.

  • Maleficent (2014):

    Angelina Jolie is exceptionally evil in an unusual sort of way as she plays a key character from the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Just as the Broadway show, and later the movie Wicked gave us the backstory of the villains in The Wizard of Oz, Disney gives Sleeping Beauty the same treatment, helping us understand the wicked Maleficent who has a backstory that will

    shock and amaze.  When Jolie was shooting the film, and later doing promotion for it in full costume, she found that young children were very much afraid of her, and that, in fact, in scenes in the movie that called for a very young girl to be close to Maleficent, she had to use her own daughter, as even the best of the child actors were too frightened to be near her.  It's an excellent view of what is really behind the wicked people of the fairy tales. And for those with very young children, be careful with this one, and perhaps watch it with them.  Can be a little frightening.  Rated PG.

The Merchant of Venice (2004):

Based on the play by William Shakespeare, we have an unusual cast led by Al Pacino as Shylock, the moneylender, and a Jew, held in disfavor and low esteem in Venice of the 15th century.  Shylock tries to do the right thing in helping a merchant whose money is tied up in the shipping business, but who needs help with a mission of love, to secure the woman of his dreams.  Offering the money interest-free for three months, when the merchant defaults, and because of the merchant's choice of woman, Shylock demands repayment ... in a most diabolical way - a pound of flesh, hence the term that has been in the English language for hundreds of years.  Jeremy Irons and Lynn Collins also star.  Rated 14A.