July 19th - July 24th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Batman V Superman:

    This is a dark, ominous version of two of DC Comics most iconic characters come to us from a different DC Universe here in a battle for the ages as an ego-driven Man of Steel and a slightly paranoid Dark Knight go head-to-head in working out their respective frustrations against a backdrop of a world much more bleak than the one in the early comic boks, or the earlier Superman films.  Ben Affleck is a credible Batman here, and Henry Cavll is a chiseled Superman.  As they fight, we see the beginning of the Justice League of America forming, to protect the world from increasingly larger foes. Rated 14A.

  • The Perfect Match:

    Charlie (Terence Jenkins) is a guy who plays the field, who is something of a playboy, who does not believe in long-term relationships, enters into a bet with a couple of his closest friends.  The deal:  Charlie has to date the same woman for 30 days, exclusively, and then, says the bet, admit that he has developed feelings for the lady.  He says that’s not going to happen.  Of course that’s easy to say, because Charlie has not yet met Eva (Cassie Ventura).  Once she is in the picture, everything changes, even though there is an air of mystery about her that may or may not be a good thing.  All in all, an interesting romantic comedy, Paula Patton also stars, as does Brandy Norwood.  Rated 18A.

  • Demolition:

    This Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle isn’t about blowing up anything physical, but rather is about the demolition of a life that once was.  Gyllenhaal is Davis, a man who has lost his wife in a tragic accident, and who cannot get beyond what has happened.  His life spirals into a dark place where it appears that there is no hope for any kind of future.  A chance incident with a misbehaving vending machine begins a relationship of sorts with a customer service rep with the vending company, a woman named Karen (Naomi Watts).  Slowly, Davis begins to recognize what must be destroyed before something can be rebuilt.  Good performances here from Gyllenhaal and Watts, along with Oscar winner Chris Cooper.  Rated 14A.

  • The Last Witch Hunter (2015):

     Vin Diesel is the title character here, a man named Kaulder who, during the Middle Ages, was a master hunter of witches whose supernatural evil poisoned all of humanity.  The top of the heap for the witches was The Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) and it was Kaulder who tracked her down with amazing persistence, and killed her.  That was the good news ... the bad news is that in her death throe, she cursed him with immortality so he could not fade into the afterlife with his beloved wife and daughter.  We join Kaulder in our time, still tracking supernatural evil .... and learning that The Witch Queen lives once again.  A good action yarn with supernatural tendencies.  Rated 14A.

The Kings of Summer:

What young teen, facing those rebellious years, doesn't want to get out from under their parents' rule?  That's the theme here as young Joe Toy (Nick Robinson) decides once and for all to leave his heavy-handed single father behind and set out on his one.  He hooks up with two friends who are like-minded, and the leave without a trace, find a clearing in the woods, and decide that it's the perfect place to build a cabin and live off the land.  The land turns out to be just a little less cooperative than they anticipated, however ... and there are snakes in the woods too!  Rated 14A.