June 21th - 27th Downloads
& DVDs
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2:

    The old gang is back together again, just the way we remember them from the first movie in 2002.  Nia Vardalos and plays Toula to John Corbett’s Ian, her husband.  Lainie Kazan is mother Maria, and Michael Constantine is father Gus, while Andrea Martin steals the show as Aunt Voula.  Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are the producers again, and this time Wilson takes on an acting role as well.  The focus in the sequel is on Maria and Gus’ marriage … turns out when it happened many years ago, the priest did not sign the all the documents, so the two are not really married.  Some would do it all over again, and some would not, which is what’s at the heart of this comedy.  Every bit as much fun as the first one! Rated 14A.

  • Midnight Special:

    Just because you are part of a cult that believes in remarkable things doesn’t mean that you don’t have super powers.  That’s the set up in this chase movie in which two men and a young boy are on the run. Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton play Roy and Lucas respectively.  In their company is Alton ((Jaden Lieberher) who seems like a normal kid, reading superhero comic books and listening to music on his iPod.  A TV news report in the motel room they occupy sends them back on the run … the cult is after them, the police are after them, and out in the dark after hours of driving, much of the world will be after them when it becomes clear that Alton is no ordinary boy.  Good suspense, some nice twists.  Rated 14A.

  • Knight of Cups:

    Everybody seems to love Rick, Christian Bale’s character in this story about a writer who splits his own life up into a half-dozen chapters as he seeks the excitement and pleasures to be found in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he pursues various women who pursue him right back.  Strong cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Cherry Jones, Teresa Palmer, and Antonio Banderas.  What makes this film so unusual is that director Terence Malik had no script … each day’s shooting was completely improvised, and he used a technique called “torpedoing” in which actors were inserted into the action right in the middle of a scene, with the current performers having no idea this was about to happen. Very artsy stuff, not mainstream, but interesting. Rated 18A.

  • Treasure Planet (2002):

    This animated feature, which takes the story of Treasure Island, and sets it in deep space, is remarkable for several reasons.  First, it has one of the best voice casts ever assembled, and it probably would have been a better movie using these life actors instead of cartoons - Roscoe Lee Brown, Martin Short, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Patrick McGoohan, David Hyde-Pierce, Laurie Metcalfe, and Emma Thompson among others, playing the various characters as Jim Hawkins plies intergalactic space rather than the high seas.  The other reason for seeing this film is to watch a financial disaster in the making - this movie is the biggest money-loser for the Disney organization in its movie history.  It cost $180 million to make and promote and it brought in just $101 million after the box office, DVD, and television sales, for a net loss of $79 million.  But Jim Hawkins doesn't care!  Rated PG.

Cedar Rapids (2011):

Ed Helms from "The Hangover" movies is a salesman named Tim Lippe from a dozy little town who goes to the relatively big city of Cedar Rapids to attend an insurance convention.  He has lived a sedate and conservative life back home, but now, "out there" he is taken into the care of three other agents who are there to have a good time, and one (Anne Heche) who might have designs on something more than the festivities at hand.  This is the first time has seen how the outside world seems to work, and he came here with his little company in some jeopardy, but ain't seen nothin' yet. John C. Reilly and Sigourney Weaver also star.  Rated 14A.