June 14th - 20th Downloads
& DVDs
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane:

    John Goodman is very good here, in what I found to be a disappointed turn at the sci-fi-horror genre. Produced by JJ Abrams, he said that it is a direct relative to the movie Cloverfield in which alien monsters attack New York City.  That’s a stretch,  I think, but it is definitely part of the Cloverfield universe.  A young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a car accident, loses consciousness, and comes to in what turns out to be an underground bunker, with two men … one is Howard (Goodman), and he owns the place.  The other is Emmett ((John Gallagher, Jr.) who seems to have arrived in a fashion similar to that of the young woman.  Something has happened outside, and Howard says it may be years before they can leave his survival shelter.  The couple aren’t buying all that, and try to escape.  Not all that good an idea, it turns out.  I would like to have seen the escape part of the movie much closer to the middle rather than the end, because that’s where the real story is.  Rated 14A.

  • London Has Fallen:

    The Canadian Prime Minister is the first major world leader to get blown up in this sequel of a sort to 2013’s Olympus has fallen.  Gerard Butler is back as secret agent Mike Banning, and Aaron Eckhart is still the US President, as he was in the previous film.  This time, the world leaders assemble in London for a state funeral, as the British PM has died under mysterious circumstances.  With all the leaders assembled, along with their respective security teams, the bad guys from the first movie start taking them out one at a time, with huge demands to be fulfilled unless compliance occurs.  A lot of London blows up, and a number of heads-of-state don’t make it out.  It’s a good popcorn movie with lots of action, as long as you don’t think about it too hard.  Rated 14A.

  • Eddie the Eagle:

    This under-appreciated, somewhat suspicious portrayal of the events leading to Eddie Edwards becoming the first British ski jumping entrant into a Winter Olympics venue, takes an interesting look at the 1984 Winter Games in Calgary, setting accuracy and common sense aside, for a nice ride.  Taron Egerton is Eddie, who started as a young boy in a poor family who wanted to become a ski-jumper.  His unsupportive father and hopeful mother make an interesting team, and Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary, a hard-drinking, chain-smoking outcast who becomes Eddie’s coach and goes to Calgary with him. Jackman’s character is a total fabrication, and Calgary is played by Garmisch- Partenkirchen in Bavaria, looking nothing like Canada Olympic Park. Good movie though, all of that aside.  Rated PG.

  • Bridge of Spies (2015):

    An excellent movie about Cold War spy tactics in the 1960s that is factual all the way. Tom Hanks is James B. Donovan, the real life lawyer who was asked to serve his country by facilitating a spy swap between captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Oscar winner Mark Rylance) and American pilot Francis Gary Powers who was shot down over the Soviet Union while piloting a high altitude U2 spy plane. The dialogue is accurate to the point where many of the lines spoken by the characters are exactly what was said during this tense time in which the West and the USSR dealt with an uneasy peace that threatened to escalate into nuclear war at any moment. Great scenes of the Berlin Wall and of the life behind that wall for the East Germans as well as for those in the West. Excellent film! Rated 14A.

Epic (2013):

This animated film has a young female protagonist that will make young girls want to be her because they will relate so well.  Her father is a scientist who is studying ways to prove that there is actually a micro-civilization in the forest where his cottage is located ... he is so totally consumed that he has no time at all for his daughter, and unbeknownst to the dad, she is abducted by one of the evil creatures in the mini-world and is shrunken to a tiny size, and now must choose sides in what will be an epic battle.  By the time dad realizes that his daughter is missing, it's too late ... she's now one of the leaders in the forest wars.  Voices include those of Beyonce and Colin Farrell.  Rated PG.