Mar 1st - 7th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Creed:  

    Sylvester Stallone got an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor playing his old standby, Rocky Balboa in this strong, well-though-out closing of the loop in the Rocky franchise.  Michael B. Jordan is Adonis Johnson, who learns that he is the son of one-time  World Heavyweight champ Apollo Creed, once Rocky’s strongest opponent, and later one of his best friends.  Not wanting to trade on the name of his famous father,  Adonis struggles with his desire to fight, eventually asking Rocky to train him.  The Champ does so reluctantly at first, but soon a strong friendship develops.  And excellent boxing film with great performances all around. Rated 14A.

  • Room:  

    The fan favourite at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, an Oscar-nominated film, and a superb performance by eight-year-old Jacob Tremblay from Vancouver, all come together to provide full value for this truly amazing indie film.  Brie Larsen is a young woman abducted as a teen by a pervert who holds her captive in a single room – in reality, a garden shed in the backyard of an old house, insulated so that no sound can escape, with only a single skylight in the ceiling to let in natural light.  Her son is Jack, conceived during one of the many nocturnal visits by her captor, and now, at age five, knowing only this one room all his life, she begins to see that he may become a threat and tries to organize his escape.  Excellent film!! Rated 14A.

  • The Danish Girl:  

    Another amazing performance by Eddie Redmayne who is a man who believes he should have been a woman, and who becomes a transgender pioneer.  While not a true story, it is based on several incidents that actually happened, as the journey from first awareness to ultimate action moves along a continuum that creates a number of gripping characters.  Redmayne’s performance, whether this is your cup of tea or not, is superb. Rated 18A.

  • Couple's Retreat (2009):

     Vince Vaughn stars in and co-wrote this R-rated comedy directed by Peter Billingsley, who played little Ralphie in the classic 1983 movie A Christmas Story.  Here, Vaughn's character Dave is at a romantic tropical locale with his wife, along with three other couples ... most of them don't realize that the whole point of the trip is to work on their respective marriages ... and that the required therapy sessions are not optional.  Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau and Kristen Bell also star.  Rated 18A. 

The Great Outdoors (1988):

 Some comedy holds up over the years, some does not.  This one, although somewhat dated, is worth a look for the work of the late John Candy, paired with Dan Aykroyd, friends in real life, but at opposite ends of the spectrum here.  Candy is Chet, a guy with a heart as big as all outdoors, who plans a great weekend out at the lake for his family.  They aren't quite as enthusiastic as Chet, but they go along with the adventure, which is spoiled when Roman Craig (Aykroyd) shows up with his wife Kate (Annette Bening in her first movie role).  Roman is Chet's brother-in-law and he brings with him a rather bizarre group of family members.  Stephanie Faracy is Chet's wife, and she tries to grin and bear it, but soon it all breaks loose.  Rated 14A.