Jan 12th - 18th Downloads
& DVDs
  • The Martian:  

    Matt Damon is astronaut Mark Whatney, in this movie version of Andy Weir’s novel, directed for the screen by Ridley Scott.  The first manned expedition to the Red Planet runs into trouble when a surprise dust storm catches them off guard while out on an extra-vehicular-activity.  It appears that Whatney has been killed by flying debris and that he himself is blown away in the fierce wind.  The surviving crew abandons the planet, and we learn long before they do, that Whatney is still alive.  He has enough food to last three months, enough oxygen for 30 days … and the nearest help is two years away.  A great depiction of a solid novel.  Jessica Chastain also stars. Rated 14A.

  • Hotel Transylvania 2:  

    In the first animated movie, two years ago, we learned that Dracula (voice of Adam Sandler) ran a hotel for monsters only, a place where such creatures as The Wolfman, The Mummy, and Frankenstein’s Monster could come for a little R & R.  No humans allowed of course, but no one counted on Jonathan (Andy Samberg) stumbling across the place and ultimately falling in love with Drac’s daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez).  Now they have a little boy, Dennis, and they leave him in Grandpa Drac’s care while they pay their first visit to Jonathan’s parents.  Because little Dennis hasn’t yet started to fly, Gramps decides he’ll work on that angle.  Very funny stuff for adults and for kids!  Rated PG.

  • Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension:  

    This fifth time to the well for this franchise is one time too many.  A family that moves into a new house finds a box of VHS tapes and a camera in the attic … the camera allows them to see the ghost activity around them, and it’s clear that not much good is going to happen here.  There are a few good moments, but it’s all so been-there-done-that, and we have seen better since this all began.  Rated 18A.

  • Her (2015):

     This Oscar-winner for Best Original Screenplay, also nominated for Best Picture and Best Musical Score, is one of those love-it-or-hate it movies - many audience members, when it was shown theatres gave very bad exit interviewers while others said it was the most innovative thing they had ever seen.  Set in the very near future, it's the story of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a man struggling with expressing his feelings, struggling with a failing marriage in the throes of divorce from Catherine (Rooney Mara), and struggling with his ability to move on.  He purchases a new Operating System for his computer which he uses in his business-from-home - a system said to be the first step towards artificial intelligence.  Based on verbal commands, Theodore names his system Samantha (voice of Scarlett Johannsen) and soon becomes more and more intimate with her, although their relationship is all talk.  There are some significant twists and turns around what happens as the relationship heats up, and then takes a strange turn that surprises Theo as well as the viewer.  Not for me, but a lot of people liked this.  Rated 18A. 

Slumdog Millionaire (2008):

 Director Danny Boyle did a sensational job on this Best Picture winner at the 2009 Oscars in creating a credible tale of a young Indian man from the worst part of the worst slums, who tries to achieve greatness on a television game show in Mumbai.  Character-driven with a story to match, we see Jamal (Dev Patel) going to work at risking not only his good name and that of his family, but his entire future by putting everything on the line during the Indian version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?," where despite every effort, he is disgraced when he is accused of having cheated.  An amazing slice of a world that those born in Canada would never have known of its existence, it's a richly-drawn tale that will elicit a tear or two, and a lot of laughter.  Rated PG.