Dec 1st - 7th Downloads
& DVDs
  • Momentum:  

    A generic spy action-thriller that didn’t get into many theatres, and didn’t stay long in the ones that screened it.  Olga Kurylenko is Alex, a jewel thief who agrees with her former partner, Mr. Washington (James Purefoy) to do “just one last heist.”  We all know that this done-to-death premise will be the undoing of our heroine, and so it goes as frenetic action is mixed with endless dialogue in a movie that is just fine for an on-demand or rental evening, but is not a “destination” title in any sense.  Morgan Freeman must have been in the neighbourhood as he has a brief role – enough to put his name in the credits and make the movie appear to be more than it really is. Rated 14A.

  • Amy:  

    Plenty of never-before-seen archival footage of singer Amy Winehouse is the major reason to see this dramatic documentary depiction of a life lived, and some would say a life wasted.  Originally the Winehouse family, particularly Amy’s father Mitch, had endorsed the film and cooperated with the filmmakers, but as things progressed, felt that only the negative aspects of her life were being depicted, leaving out the many positive things in her life.  No longer supported as credible, the only thing that the family agrees upon is that there is some excellent music here, much of it never before released. Rated14A.

  • 90 Minutes in Heaven:  

    Another in a recent series of Christian-oriented stories that are based on actual experiences of those involved in death and near-death situations.  Hayden Christensen stars as Pastor Don Piper who, returning from a church conference, was in a head-on-collision with a semi-trailer truck and died on the roadside, his arm and leg almost completely severed.  A passing pastor, who had also attended the same conference, stopped to pray over the body, and Piper regained consciousness.  He said later that he had been in heaven, and resented being called back to life to face the terrible injuries he had sustained.  Kate Bosworth plays his wife, and Fred Thomson, former US senator, acted in his last role here before his recent death. Rated G.

  • Closer to the Moon (2014):

    A very unusual movie with an un-Hollywood-like treatment of an actual event in Romania in 1960.  Several anti-Communists decide to rob a bank, but trick their recruits who do the job into thinking that the heist is really a scene in a movie in which they will act the part of the robbers.  The people in the bank will play it as if it were the real thing, but the cameras in the bank and on the street are a giveaway ... but not really, because it's a real robbery. Nothing good comes of trying to poke the ruling Communists in the eye.  Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) and Mark Strong (Kingsman: Secret Service) star. Shot on location in Bucharest.  Rated 14A. 

The Adjustment Bureau (2011): 

Matt Damon stars in this sci-fi thriller based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.  Emily Blunt is Elise, a ballerina that Damon's character politician David Norris sees, and is immediately attracted.  He wants to meet here, wants to be with her, wants to make her his own, but something keeps getting in the way.  It turns out that the fleeting glimpse he got of Elise was a mistake - something that was not supposed to happen - and the Agents of Fate who run all our lives - were now committed to undo what was done.  But David is going after the girl - no matter what.  Great concept, but a little muddy in places.  Rated 14A.