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    Good cast here with Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman, and Treat Williams, and they deliver what would have been a polarizing series of performances had more people seen this indy film.  Wood is a mentally damaged young woman with Speedman the guy from a wealthy family who needs someone to take to his brother’s wedding, just to show that his bad boy errant ways are getting better.  Of course he’s using her, and of course they fall in love along the way, but many will see this as making fun of the mentally ill, and exploiting the concept for laughs.  Others will see it as a gentle rom-com.  You be the judge! Rated 14A.


    If you want to have some mindless fun watching a movie, don’t get involved with this crime thriller which has more plot, more dialogue and more serious drama in its first hour than most movies can hope to see throughout their entire run.  Mekhi Piper (ER) and William Sadler Hawaii Five-O) star.  It’s a social experiment put together by a couple of African-American researchers to see what place race takes in a crime investigation … and soon, they are sorry they started all this.  Very thoughtful, clever writing, and a twist that you just won’t see coming! Rated 14A.   


    Ben (Kevin Hart) has a big, serious crush on Angela (Tika Sumpter) but before the relationship can get even more serious and run its course, Ben has to get the blessing of Angela’s brother, James (Ice Cube) who is a tough cop with a patrol car.  James takes Ben on a ride along for one day and one night through the mean streets of Atlanta to see just what he’s made of.  Kevin Hart is very funny here, some of the humour is graphic, but then, what would you expect? Rated 14A.

  • THE BIBLE (2013):

    Not a movie, but a mini-series from which a movie was crafted.  This is the History Television series that takes key parts of the Bible and dramatizes them with great actors, excellent locations, and an excellent script.  Produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor) and his wife Roma Downey, the final segment was made into the movie “Son of God” with the addition of 15 minutes of extra footage.  Rated PG.


    THINK LIKE A MAN (2012):

    An African-American cast sends up Steve Harvey’s relationship book when four guys find out that their ladies have been using Harvey’s ideas and concepts against them.  Michael Ealy Kevin Hart, and Taraji P. Henson star.  Once they realize they are being manipulated, the fight is on … and the table turn … sort of.  A comedy that has a sequel that was in theatres late last year.  Rated PG.


    From the people who brought us Wallace and Gromit, this stop-motion animated feature has a band of pirates looking to make the big score, and end up face-to-face with Queen Victoria herself.  It’s good fun for kids and adults alike with funny characterizations, and voices supplied by Hugh Grant, Selma Hayek, and even weatherman Al Roker. Rated PG. 

EASY RIDER (1969): 

The late Dennis Hopper co-wrote (along with Peter Fonda) and starred in what is surely the classic road picture as two guys hit the roads of American on their choppers.  Watch for a supporting role by music producer Phil Spector.

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