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    10 Oscar noms, but no award – doesn’t mean that this isn’t a very fine film.  Based loosely on real people, and on the Abscam scandal in the ‘70s, we have great performances here by Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Christian Bale.  This is a well-scripted story that approaches the line between appropriate and not, and always backs away before crossing.  Characters with heart, and a story that offers a genuine movement from not-so-good to not-so-bad for its major characters. Rated 18A.

  • 2. SAVING MR. BANKS:  

    Another Oscar shut-out, and another series of excellent performances with Tom Hanks disappearing into the character and persona of Walt Disney, and Emma Thomson superb as P.L. Travers, the British woman who wrote the Mary Poppins books, but who really, really, really did not want them made into movies.  The film follows the challenges of Disney and his organization trying to secure the rights to the books, trying to get a movie made, and trying to deal with Ms. Travers who was, to understate dramatically, a difficult person. Rated PG.   

  • 3. FROZEN:  

    Still in theatres, this Disney – dare I say “classic” after just a few months in release – has cleaned up at the box office, won an Oscar for Best Animated film, and an Oscar for Best Song, and has captivated young and old with a frenzy that we have not seen since the best days of The Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast.  The tale of two princesses, both sisters, one good, the other trying to be good, but with the power to freeze the world when she gets in a mood, features the voices of Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel, whom John Travolta introduced at the Oscars as “Adele Nazeem.”  Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story “The Snow Queen.”  Fabulous! Rated PG.

  • The Starving Games (2013): 

    A parody of you-know-what, this quickie, which is no longer than an episode of SNL, has, as its biggest star, Deidrich Bader (The Drew Cary Show) as President Snowballs, and Mairia Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot ... we also have an Arnold Schwarzenegger clone, and one for Bruce Willis in a send-up of The Hunger Games.  Holds up well for about a minute and 30 seconds and then gets old fast.  But, for true-blue fans of the books ... anything to do with the genre is worth it.  Rated 14A.


    Touchy Feely (2013):

    Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men) is a massage therapist who develops a terrible aversion to touching and being touched, a definite problem if this is your stock-in-trade.  Canada’s Ellen Page (Juno) co-stars, as does Josh Pais (Law and Order) who plays her brother, a struggling dentist who suddenly develops a healing touch.  Rated 14A.

EASY RIDER (1969): 

The late Dennis Hopper co-wrote (along with Peter Fonda) and starred in what is surely the classic road picture as two guys hit the roads of American on their choppers.  Watch for a supporting role by music producer Phil Spector.

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