Jan 7th - Jan 13th Downloads
& DVDs
  • 1. RUNNER RUNNER:   

    One of the most poorly-reviewed movies of the past year, and one that has among the worst audience exit polls, you would never know it looking at the cast that includes Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.  Richie (Timberlake) is a college student who gets on a roll with online gambling, bets his entire tuition money on one last fling … and loses.  Feeling the game is rigged, he seeks out its operator (Affleck), soon gets his money back, but is offered a chance at “real” money if he hooks up with Ivan Block (Affleck) in another online gambling scam … which goes very, very badly.  Soon the mob is involved, the FBA is involved, and so is the CIA.  And everyone wants a piece of Richie. Rated 14A.


    London, England has the largest number of security cams of any major world city, and some of them come into play in this terrorism case that develops a high profile when it becomes questionable just who the terrorists were and what they did.  The back story has Martin Rose (Eric Bana) and Claudia Simmons (Rebecca Hall) as a pair of lawyers assigned byt the court to defend the terrorists.  What unfolds is a thriller in which no one can be trusted, in which the crime is clear, but the who and the how is not, and in which we remain unsure right up to the final frames.  A little uneven and a little draggy in places, but once we learn that Martin and Claudia used to be an item, and that they lie about it to the courts in order to get the case, things heat up.  Rated 14A.   

  • 3. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE:    

    This is a frightening story given the recent real-life situations in which young women have been held captive in houses in urban areas for years with no one knowing what went on behind closed doors.  Bill Sage (Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie) is a father of two girls, but no one knows what has gone on in that house since they were infants.  When a torrential storm goes through the area creating a natural disaster, everything changes, with the girls forced to rise up to an entirely different level of their existence.  Also stars Kelly McGillis and Julia Garner. Rated 14A.

  •  GRABBERS (2012): 

    If you’re in your 20s, living in Ireland, and find yourself in the middle of a sci-fi experience as alien creatures invade from space, it just doesn’t get any better than learning that these creatures suck your blood until you’re dead … except for those with a high blood alcohol content – they are left alone.  So, billed as a horror-comedy, there is plenty of both as our young heroes work hard at staying as drunk as possible.  Rated 14A.



    Steven Segal and Stone-Cold Steve Austin star in this action-thriller that never saw a theatrical release. A pair of former Black-Ops operatives, they are tasked with decommissioning a prison, and then making way for two very unusual and very dangerous prisoners … both female!  Soon, a task force arrives to hijack the prisoners and the fight is on.  Rated 18A.

EASY RIDER (1969): 

The late Dennis Hopper co-wrote (along with Peter Fonda) and starred in what is surely the classic road picture as two guys hit the roads of American on their choppers.  Watch for a supporting role by music producer Phil Spector.

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