Dec 17th - 23rd Downloads
& DVDs
  • 1. ELYSIUM:

    Matt Damon is the star here in a sci-fi thriller that is a retelling of an oft-seen theme – in the future, technology and man’s ingenuity have helped conquer space, but not without cost.  The uber-rich live on Elysium, a huge wheel in orbit around the earth populated by the rich and famous, while squalor abounds on the planet below.  Matt Damon is Max … and like so many of the teeming millions on the planet, he wants to taste life on the high side, on Elysium.  Jody Foster is the Governor in space whose job it is to preserve the status quo – no one gets in except the invited and privileged.  Directed and written by South African Neil Blomkamp, you can see the clear parallels to Apartheid here. Rated 14A.


    To say that this was a disappointing movie is like saying that the American’s were “a little upset” by Pearl Harbor.  A disaster of gigantic proportions, nothing could have saved this retelling an reimagining of the Lone Ranger legend short of a complete rewrite.  I love Johnny Depp, but his turn at Tonto is so far beyond anything plausible that he might just as well have been Captain Jack Sparrow … again.  Biggest problem is that the story has been changed … Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger isn’t even the guy it’s supposed to be – instead of the last of the Texas Rangers, he’s a lawyer from back east.  Give me a break!!  Rated 14A.


    Hugh Jackman is a pretty regular suburban husband and father whose family faces a nightmare on Thanksgiving … two neighbour families, good friends with one another, realize that their two young pre-teen girls, fast friends, have gone missing walking from one family’s house to the other in broad daylight.  Jackman’s character thinks he knows who the abductor is and when the local police officer (Jake Gyllenhaal) doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough, takes matters into his own hands.  Brutal, hard to watch, and overall, not a terribly satisfying outcome … depending upon how you look at it … excellent acting, taught and tense.  Worth a look. Rated 18A.

  • 4A. Sharknado (2013):

    This is one of those it's-so-bad-it's-good movies - made for American cable, it got huge ratings a few months ago when it first aired.  The premise is as ridiculous as the execution ... a hurricane and a series of violent tornadoes strike the Los Angeles area, and as they pass over the coastal Pacific off Santa Monica, they scoop up hundreds of vicious sharks which are then deposited all over the greater LA region where they terrorize citizens ... park ponds, swimming pools, nothing is safe.  As goofy as this was, after the big audience that was attracted, a sequel was announced within days.  Ian Ziering and Tara Reid (Scrubs) star ... badly!  Rated 14A.


    4B. Drive (2011):

    Ryan Gosling is a character known only as "Driver" and that's what he does, manning a getaway vehicle for a gang of thieves.  He's also a garage mechanic of sorts, and maybe a Hollywood stuntman.  His past is chequered and he says very little in this strong-silent-type role.  He becomes acquainted with Irene, a mom who's husband is in prison, and whose child looks on Driver as a sort of father figure.  An odd mix with not a lot of driving, not a lot of dialogue, and some very violent scenes when Driver loses his temper with someone hassling Irene.  Rated 18A.


EASY RIDER (1969): 

The late Dennis Hopper co-wrote (along with Peter Fonda) and starred in what is surely the classic road picture as two guys hit the roads of American on their choppers.  Watch for a supporting role by music producer Phil Spector.

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