Nov 29 DVDs
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    Jason Statham protects his family as only he can


    Forrest Whitaker in a touching Christmas-oriented story of one person’s journey from darkness to light


    Josh Brolin as a kidnap victim … for 20 years!

  • 1. RED 2:

    Every bit as good as the first one, and maybe a little bit better!  Bruce Willis, the amazing Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins and more, all back in business to track down a missing nuclear device.  Why?  Because they can!  RED stands for “Retired and Extremely Dangerous” which perfectly describes retired CIA operative Frank Moses (Willis) and his senior citizen friends, all of whom can do whatever it takes to get a job done!  Great action and a good sense of humour!  Rated 14A.

  • 2. JOBS:

    When the father of Apple , Steve Jobs, was alive and well, he never seemed to say much of anything other than at his famous product launches ... now that he’s dead, everybody is quoting him for all the wisdom he offers.  Sort of.  Ashton Kutcher plays the title role here and is badly miscast, missing almost every nuance of the techno giant, with a script that gives no insight at all into Jobs, perhaps because there is no real insight.  Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak is probably the best-drawn character here ... but then, Wozniak always had a lot to say!  Rated 14A.

  • 3. GETAWAY:  

    Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez star in this dreadful film that is two hours of film in search of a script that makes sense.  Hawke is Brent Magna, a disgraced race car driver living in the unlikely setting of Sofia, Bulgaria – at Christmas time – this was a summer release – and learning that his wife has been kidnapped by persons unknown.  Picking up a cell phone call, Magna is told by the disembodied voice that he must get into a car – a Shelby Cobra Super Snake – and follow instructions ... such as driving at high speed into groups of Christmas shoppers on the streets.  And so it goes – we don’t know why this is happening, and frankly, we don’t really care.  By the time Gomez shows up, it’s a welcome relief just to have Magna lighten up a little.  All the crash sequences are real, no CGI, and four Super Snakes were wrecked.  Now that’s sad!!! Rated 18A.

  • RED 2:

    The only major character from the first movie missing is Ernest Borgnine who was given a larger part this time.  He died three months before filming began.

THE MASK OF ZORRO (1998):   

Catherine Zeta-Jones is in RED 2 … she and Anthony Hopkins worked together in this film … the first time I recall seeing Zeta Jones on the big screen.  Still a terrific movie!!


    Outstanding version of book 2 … great performance by Jennifer Lawrence


    One of Vince Vaughan’s best movies ever – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry!

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