October 18 DVDs
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    Chloe Grace Moretz is the teen with “powers” and Julianne Moore is the mom who brings out the worst in her in this remake of the Stephen King thriller


    Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ultimate prison escape caper film

  • 1.THE HEAT:

    Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a laugh riot in this buddy cop picture about two very mismatched law enforcement officers put together to crack a big case. They are, respectively, Ashburn and Mullins, one FBI, starched and uptight, the other, city police, off-the-wall and hard to control. Neither plays well with others, and assigned to a drug-lord case, the relationship is beyond rocky. No Oscar noms here, but lots of laughs! Rated 18A.


    This is a sci-fi extravaganza in which special effects and mechanized monster-fighting suits take precedence over character development and a tight story. It’s a future earth that has been at war with gigantic creatures that have come from a rift at the ocean bottom. They are huge, hungry for destruction, and get smarter with every battle. Mankind’s method of retaliation consist of huge armoured suits, bristling with weapons, and operated by teams of two, with their minds linked to operate the enormous devices. A lot of stuff blows up, it doesn’t look good for the earth or its residents for a good part of the film. You need a big-screen TV to get the best of this one. Directed by Guellermo del Toro. Rated 14A.

  • 3. PLUSH:

    Catherine Hardwicke who directed the first Twilight movie both wrote and directed this dramatic character study about a female rocker (Emily Browning of “Sucker Punch”) who suffers the loss of her brother who was also her collaborator, and despite being married and being a mom, finds that the new guitarist that she has hired seems to want more than just playing lead on her big songs. Francis Fisher, Clint Eastwood’s former significant other, also stars. Rated 18A.


    I liked the fact that this was more than just about monsters gone crazy … we get insight into why earth is targeted, and just how the creatures think and evolve rather than just mindless destruction.


One of the best buddy cop movies ever, it’s great to go back and look at Murtaugh and Riggs – Danny Glover and Mel Gibson at their collective best.


    Great portrayal of the real-life captain by Tom Hanks


    Nothing better than a Tarentino-inspired action flick – and Danny Trejo is always full value!

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