July 19 DVDs
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    Haunted house thriller!

  • RED 2

    Retired and Extremely Dangerous … again!

  • RIPD

    Ryan Reynolds as a dead cop … with a new job!

  • 1. 42:

    This is both a great baseball story and a great human interest story, which follows the career of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player in the major leagues in the modern era. Fighting racial prejudice at many turns, and human kindness at others, the movie is an accurate, and sometimes jarring portrayal of a landmark event in sports history. Chadwick Boseman (Persons Unknown) plays Robinson, and Harrison Ford is great as Dodgers President and GM Branch Ricky. Rated 14A.

  • 2. EVIL DEAD:

    This remake of the 1981 original can best be summarized by saying that 300 gallons of fake blood were used back then ... and this time ... 50,000 gallons! It’s the usual five-young-people-find-a-cabin-in-the-woods idea, where each will be picked off, one by one by something horribly evil, until there’s just one left standing ... or in this case, lying in a pool of fake blood. Very similar to the first one, but a lot more gory ... one of the characters finds a “Book of the Dead” in the cellar of the cabin, and despite the admonition not to read it ... well, you know! Interesting when you look at the main characters’ names: David, Erica, Mia, Olivia, and Natalie ... if you take the first letter of each of their names it spells D-E-M-O-N ... and that pretty much sums it up! Rated 18A.   


    With that title and Sylvester Stallone in the cast, you really don’t need to know a whole lot more. Stallone is a New Orleans hitman named Jimmy Bobo who gets double-crossed by someone who hired him and he wants revenge. At the same time a police detective named Taylor Kwong (Sung Kang from Fast Five) loses his partner in a shootout and wants revenge ... and wouldn’t you know it – the same low-life (Christian Slater) who did Jimmy Bobo wrong is the same guy who had Kwong’s partner offed. Soon the two are an unholy alliance out to settle the score. Directed by Walter Hill (48 Hours, Warriors), it plays out like something from the ‘70s or ‘80s, all guts and violence ... but you get what you’re paying for as it delivers exactly what you would expect. Rated 18A.

  • 42

    This one broke the box office record for a baseball movie, and it’s the first time Harrison Ford has played a role based on an actual person.


Want to see the real thing? Robinson plays himself in this film made after he became the first Rookie of the Year, but before he became a World Series winner.


    A great CGI movie of monsters invading the earth from below, and giant robots designed to stop them


    More of the same from Adam Sandler and Kevin James … billed as PG, but be careful!

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