July 5 DVDs
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    ME 2

    (animated) Steve Carrell back again as the voice of Gru, criminal mastermind … and all-round kid-lover!


    Johnny Depp is said to steal the show in this reworking of the Masked man and his faithful Indian companion


    Coming of age tale told over one summer through the eyes of a teenage boy.


    Great cast here in this very relevant thriller that looks at the life of a man (Alexander Siddig) that begins to unravel when he learns that his daughter has been kidnapped in Damascus, Syria, the land of his birth from which he has been a stranger for more than 20 years. Not an ordinary kidnapping, he suspects, as he believes his secret past in the Middle East has been uncovered, and his daughter is paying the price. Joshua Jackson, Marisa Tomei and Oded Fehr also star in this international thriller. Rated 14A.

  • 2. 6 SOULS:

    Julianne Moore is excellent here as a psychiatrist dealing with a patient who has multiple personalities. In a bizarre twist, she learns that all of the personalities are murder victims. How did they end up occupying the mind of her patient? And how did they die in the first place? Those questions begin a journey of thrills and chills a she seeks to understand but soon realizes that she and her family may well be the next murder victims on the docket. Also stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the victim. Rated 14A.


    Tower Block is what Brits and Europeans call high rise apartments. The post-war landscape is littered with many of these structures, decaying and prepared for demolition. It is in one of these buildings, vacant except for the top floor, that a drama involving a young boy who is attacked by persons unknown. The story plays out – trapped people in peril – within the confines of the tower block where no one is exactly what they appear to be, and where death is just a stab wound away. Unusual film, not previously released in North American. Rated 18A


    With South Africa filling in for Syria, the location shooting adds some substance. While not a great movie, this on at least has good performances from its key cast members, especially Marisa Tomei.


During the heyday of disaster movies, this one was as thinly disguised version of what would happen if fire struck the World Trade Centre, which had just been opened the year before the movie’s release. Great cast with Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Wagner, Richard Chamberlain and … O.J. Simpson!


    Nothing new in this blow-‘em-up starring Channing Tatum


    Great chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in this buddy cop comedy.

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