June 28 DVDs
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    Another White House-in-distress movie, this time with Channing Tatum trying to save the President (Jamie Foxx)


    Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as a pair of unusual FBI agents paired up against their wishes.

  • 1. THE CALL:

    Halle Berry is excellent as Jordan Turner, a 911 operator in Los Angeles who loses a caller to a murderer and feels that she did not handle the case well, causing the death of a young girl. After moving into a training position with the police department, training other 911 operators, she takes a call from a struggling new employee only to learn that it seems that this new abduction, girl in a trunk, is the work of the same man. Built on too many coincidences to be entirely credible, this is still a gripping story with a twist. Also stars Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). Rated 14A.


    Steve Carrell and Steve Buscemi are a pair of Siegfried & Roy-type stage magicians in Las Vegas for whom the magic in their relationship has evaporated. They are not likeable characters, especially that of Carrell who plays the title character, and the story drags the viewer down into the same valley of despair that impacts the characters. The only real bright spot is that of an old-time magician named Rance Holloway (Alain Arkin) who offers up both a good performance and an intriguing character. Directed by Don Scardino whose specialty is TV sitcoms (Two Broke Girls, 30 Rock) which must be why this plays out like a bad sitcom. Rated 14A. 

  • 3. PHANTOM:

    If you like a good submarine movie, this is one of the best in years. Ed Harris is the commander of a Russian submarine with nuclear weapons aboard. David Duchovney is a KGB agent carrying out his mandate, which is to get the commander, who suffers from a reality-altering form of seizure, to launch a missile at the United States, effectively beginning World War III, or to take control of the sub and get the job done himself. Lance Henrikson (Alien, Millennium), and William Fitchner (Prison Break) also star Rated 14A.


    Realism abounds in this film … as the 911 operators go about their business, the calls we hear in the background are actual 911 calls framing actual events.

DAS BOOT (1981):

Conveying the real conditions onboard a sub in WWII’s Battle of the Atlantic, director Wolfgang Peterson actually shot the movie inside the sub, not a mock-up set with an open side … because he wanted to convey the claustrophobic feel that the actors had to endure.


    Excellent take on the zombie genre in this Brad Pitt-produced and Brad Pitt-starring thriller


    Pixar does it again with Sully and Mike in university … a prequel to Monsters Inc.

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