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    Will Smith and son Jaden in a sci-fi thriller


    Jessie Eisenberg as a cop tracking a team of illusionists who do an amazing series of holdups.


    Oscar nominee and Tony winner Viola Davis steals the show here, in the fantasy/mystery about a young man named Ethan who just can’t wait to get out of the small southern town that has been his home since birth. Nothing ever happens there … until he meets HER … new girl in town, and she seems to have a secret. In fact, it turns out that the whole town has a secret which begins a search for the truth … and remember, be careful what you wish for! Also stars Emmy Rossum, Emma Tomkins, and Jeremy Irons. Rated 14A.

  • 2. DARK SKIES:

    Except for the Dad in the family played by Josh Hamilton, this is a very serviceable sci-fi/horror thriller about a family terrorized in their own home by “something.” Strange things begin to happen, with household items stacked to the ceiling defying gravity, strange lights in the house, odd noises … and a Dad who says, “there has to be a logical explanation … nobody’s going anywhere.” Well, this Dad has never seen a horror movie obviously. Not of the slasher variety, but rather of the spooky/scary style, this one has elements of Close Encounters and Poltergeist, but without as much class. Keri Russell is the Mom and she’s just fine. Rated 14A.

  • 3. LORE: UP GUYS:

    This indie production didn’t make it into most theatres, but it tackles a subject with outstanding insight that doesn’t find its way into most movies. Lore is a young woman in Germany in the days immediately following the death of Hitler and the fall of the Third Reich. She is the eldest of her five siblings, all members of the Hitler Youth. They are being relocated to another part of Germany to go to live with an aunt after the loss of their parents, when they begin to encounter those that they have been taught from birth to hate … concentration camp survivors. What ensues is an engaging tale of human angst and maybe young love. Rated 14A.

  • LORE:

    Australia’s entry as Best Foreign Film for the 2013 Oscars, it reminds me a little, by way of genre, of Downfall.


Millie Perkins was 21 years old when she played young Anne, the Jewish girl hiding with her family in the attic of a house in Amsterdam during World War II. Holds up to this day as a fine, but sad film.


    Some funny lines, but it’s getting a little old


    Excellent racing action

  • EPIC

    Solid young-people’s animated adventure

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