May 10 DVDs
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    Leo DiCaprio is dashing and handsome in this period piece based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.


    Kerry Washington is the girl who is getting married in this romantic family drama with an African-American cast.


    Tom Cruise, at something just south of 5’8” plays the six-foot-four, 240 pound former MP that is the centerpiece of author Lee Child’s 16-book arc in a best-selling string that just won’t stop. Cruise also produced this film, and as a longtime Jack Reacher fan, despite my skepticism, he somehow pulls it off. Based on the book “One Shot,” which is number five in the series, Reacher is called in by an ex-military sniper accused of a mass shooting in an downtown crowd. Rosamund Pike co-stars as the lawyer who is connected to the case – I was prepared to hate this, but it surprised me pleasantly. Rated 14A.

  • 2. MAMA:

    This horror-chiller based on a three-minute-long short film tells the tale of two little girls who were left stranded and alone in an isolated mountain cabin … and they are discovered years later, feral and strange, but alive. How did they survive? Well, they would tell you that Mama helped them. But Mama’s dead. Or is she? Jessica Chastain stars along with Nicolaj Koster-Waldau in a film that is sure to spook you. Rated 14A.

  • 3. SAFE HAVEN:

    Another Nicolas Sparks novel come-to-life that won’t make you cry as did The Notebook or Dear John. This one has a tight story attached to the romance between two characters played by Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. It’s a murder mystery and to say more gives away too much. Hough’s character is on the run from the big city, and settles into a quiet life in a small fishing town where she may be able to disappear. But not for long. The cops are onto her, but not before she befriends a single dad and his little boy. Rated 14A.


    Despite the difference in size, Tom Cruise pulled this one off – it was okay at the box office, but not great – made a lot of money overseas though.


Based on the best-selling novels by Donald Hamilton, Dean Martin was as unlikely an action hero to play Helm as was Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher. It’s a dated thriller, but still has charm.

  • IRON MAN 3:

    Outstanding Marvel Comics thriller in excellent 3D and IMAX. Robert Downey, Jr. always worth the money and the time!

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