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    Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg in a based-on-fact story of weightlifters who turn to a life of crime


    Robert Di Nero and Katherine Heigl in the story of a long-divorced couple who have to fake being married for he sake of a child’s wedding.


    Naomi Watts was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal, based on actual events and actual people, as Maria, wife and mother, and unlikely survivor of the tsunami that swept into Thailand on Boxing Day of 2004. Ewan McGregor is her husband, and their eldest son is amazingly played by 16 year-old Tom Holland (Billy Elliot). The story is simple, one of survival and chance – one person is swept to their death, while the person next to them holds on to survive. The special effects are amazing, largely done with miniatures rather than CGI, and the drama is amazing. Rated 14A.


    Sean Penn is absolutely frightening as real-life ‘40s mobster Mickey Cohen. The story follows Cohen’s organized crime team as well as a specific department of the LAPD headed by John O’Mara (Josh Brolin), given a license to do … whatever is necessary to stop the spread of Cohen’s racketeering. Not bound by the normal rules, these cops fire three warning shot into the back of a fleeing criminal, and then ask questions … if it’s not too late. Great period piece, well-acted, and very accurate, consistent with actual events. Rated 18A.


    A relatively small film that showcases a different side of Matt Damon, this one keeps you guessing as to whose motives are designed to do what as the story spins out. Damon works for a natural gas exploration company. His job is to get sometimes-unwitting farmers to sign over gas and mineral rights to their properties for good money, so that his energy company can move in, drill, and make vast fortunes. When he hits on a small farm community where the shrivelling farm properties need the money more than ever, it all changes, thanks to a great performance from an old-timer (Hal Holbrook) whom he dramatically underestimates. Francis McDormand (Fargo) also stars. Rated 14A.


    Many of the extras that you see in the disaster scenes were recruited by the producers from the ranks of actual Tsunami survivors.

THE RING (2001):

This horror-thriller, a remake of the Japanese original, is a true classic … interesting because Naomi Watts, a dozen years ago, carried the film, and gave an indication as to what a great performer she would become.


    Tom Cruise is excellent here, in a film that had its final two weeks of shooting under the cloud that formed when Cruise was served with divorce papers from Katie Holmes. You can’t tell from the performance … which is why we call them “actors!”

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