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    Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson in a drug undercover thriller


    Kerri Russell in a horror-thriller.

  • 1. ARGO:

    Ben Affleck directed and stars in this not-so-accurate version of the taking of American hostages by the Iranians in 1979, and the audacious rescue that occurred in 1980. Sequestered in the Canadian embassy under the care of Ambassador Kenneth Taylor (Victor Garber), the hostages are constantly on edge and in danger, when Affleck’s character Tony Mendez concocts a plan to get them out by pretending they are a Canadian film crew making a sci-fi movie on a desert planet. Great performances from John Goodman and Alan Arkin, and despite the historical inaccuracy, a gripping story! Rated 14A.

  • 2. SINISTER:

    In an old-as-the-hills horror set-up, a man moves his family into a house in which bad things have happened … and is then surprised that things go bump in the night. Ethan Hawke stars as a true crime writer who feels that he can do a better job if he actually lives in the house where horrific murders occurred. He “forgets” to mention this to his wife Tracy, and as the horror unspools, the real challenge is for the viewer to keep from shouting out “seen this all before!” It’s a reasonable, but not particularly good horror-chiller. Rated 18A.   


    An Oscar nominee for costumes, this period drama starring Keira Knightly in the title role, is a most odd hybrid of movie and stage play, which in the early going, is very off-putting. Characters perform onstage before an audience, but walk off-stage into a real world, while stage hands work at changing the sets. Strange. A tale of infidelity and forbidden love, this is one of Tolstoy’s greatest stories, and despite the oddness of it all, makes for pretty engaging movie. Jude Law co-stars. Rated 14A.

  • ARGO:

    Setting aside the many historical inaccuracies and stuff that is just plain made up, still a fine film textured and appearing to have been made in 1980.

U-571 (2000):

A perfect example of another American movie that rewrites history … Matthew McConaughey stars in the WWII thriller about the Americans caputuring the German Enigma machine, turning the course of the war … all true … except it was the British that did it.


    Bruce Willis is back as John McLaine in a hot action thriller


    A little too much wasted intrigue, not enough character development, but an okay love story


    Animated space stuff, perfect for kids


    A Nicolas Sparks story that has more drama and action than usual. Very well done.

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