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    Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg in a cop thriller


    Arnold is back as a sheriff facing a Mexican drug cartel

  • MAMA

    Horror thriller about children lost in the forest for five years … and they’re b-a-a-a-ack!

  • 1. TAKEN 2:

    Liam Neeson is back reprising his role as Bryan Mills, a retired undercover operative who has to free his wife and daughter from yet another abduction, only this time it isn’t for white slavery or ransom, it’s certain death because Mills killed the son of the man leading the kidnapping, in the last movie. Maggie Grace (Lost) is back as daughter Kim, and Famke Janssen returns as Lenore, Bryan’s wife. Good action, some excellent chase scenes, and compelling stunt work, especially the driving. I like this one a lot, every bit as much as the first one, but it was critically abused … they laughed all the way to the bank though … cost $30 million to make, has taken in $367 million so far … and the DVD is just out. Rated 14A.


    Pretty scary horror movie here with an alleged fact-based backstory. A divorced Dad has his daughter on the weekend, and buys an intricate little box at her insistence at a yard sale. Turns out that it’s a “Dibbyk” Box ... based on Jewish legend, that holds and evil spirit. The girl opens up the box, and now all hell breaks loose. Although not based on an actual little girl, those who came into possession of this box over the years, allegedly suffered terribly. It was most recently sold on e-bay about six years ago. Kyra Sedgwick stars. Rated 14A.


    Written, directed by, and starring Woody Allen, he continues his relationship with European filmmaking in this lightweight series of vignettes about several different people both visiting Rome, living in Rome, and embracing Rome. Even though the story is thin, as a travelogue, there are some marvellous scenes of Roman locales and architecture. Alec Baldwin stars as a former visitor who may or may not be a sprit, and Roberto Benigni (Oscar winner for “Life is Beautiful) is a man who is suddenly famous. Okay though. Rated PG.

  • TAKEN 2:

    Although it’s difficult to believe that the driving done by Kim, Maggie Grace’s character, could ever have happened … a plot hole that’s hard to fill, but it’s okay as the movie is worth it.


Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn in another delightful look at Rome from both a romantic and practical viewpoint.


    Excellent film about a real-life 1949 event


    Very raunchy spoof on Paranormal Activity

  • ZERO DARK 30

    Excellent thriller about chasing down Bin Laden.

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