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    The title says it all … January is a dumping ground for bad horror movies


    Matt Damon stars and co-wrote this story of oil and the environment.

  • 1. LOOPER:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a young version of Bruce Willis in this sci-fi time travel story that will just tie your mind up in knots if you allow it. Gordon-Levitt is Joe, and he’s a hitman for the mob. But this is the year 2044, and the hit business has changed. 30 years in the future, in 2074, time travel has been invented, and then outlawed, and just like illicit guns or bad drugs, only the criminals have control. Because it’s impossible, with future technology, to hide a body, or off someone in that time, the mob sends its subjects back 30 years where Joe waits for them … and shoots them, then disposes of the bodies. Good business … until Joe comes face to face with his latest assignment – a 30-years-older Joe (Bruce Willis). The convoluted plot moves forward from there. I’m a huge sci-fi and time travel fan, and I liked this alright … but I didn’t love it. Rated 14A.


    Stephanie Panabaker (CSI) and Juno Temple (The Other Bolyn Girl) are two friends living in the Southern California desert who hook up with a couple of guys, and decide to follow them back to LA, becoming a pair of teenaged runaways in a movie with a quotient of violence, a few tender moments, and a lot of … well, just nothing. Despite a recognizable cast and some good moments, it’s easier to offer this as a warning rather than a recommendation. This film might appeal to a small number of rebellious young girls, but not much more than that. Rated 18A.


    David Cronenberg wrote and directed this story of a young billionaire who starts on a routine ride in his limo and ends up in a series of random events that change everything for him. A great cast with Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Juliette Binoche (Chocolat) and Paul Giamatti lead the cast of characters that our young hero, a stock market genius, meets, and begins to be pulled in a direction that changes everything. Pattinson shows that he is more than just a movie vampire in this good-but-not-great story. Rated 18A.


    The best of a mediocre lot … look at star Gordon-Levitt’s facial appliances and makeup designed to make him appear to be a younger Bruce Willis … didn’t work for me.


Rod Taylor is excellent in this George Pal-produced depiction of the HG Wells classic … far, far better than the 2002 remake.


    Les Mis does not disappoint


    good comic turn by Billy Crystal


    Quentin Tarentino’s best ever!!

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