November 16 DVDs

    When we last saw Bella (Kristin Stewart) she was dealing with the challenges of becoming a vampire and a mom … and still very weepy. This wraps up the series with the final book having been broken down into two movies.

  • 1. BRAVE:

    This animated feature is worth a look just for the hair on its heroine alone. From Pixar animation (Cars, Monsters Inc.) it’s the story of a medieval princess named Merida who does not want to learn princess-like behaviour and rebels against her mother and father. Merida would much rather demonstrate feats of daring with her bow-and-arrow than learn to curtsy in all the right places, and she rushed off into the forest, meets up with what turns out to be a wicked witch (is there any other kind?) and is granted a wish that turns out to be something much, much different from what was her intent, setting the entire kingdom into chaos. Outstanding visually, and a great story! Rated PG.

  • 2. SAVAGES:

    B.C. native Taylor Kitsch may have starred in two bombs earlier this year (John Carter, Battleship) but here he really shows his acting chops as Chon, on half of a dope-growing-dope-smuggling operation in California that is a very gentle little business with the emphasis on botanically-correct marijuana. Since their California location is right next door to Mexico, it isn’t long before the Cartel comes knocking, wanting a part of the action. Chon and his partner Ben (Aaron Alexander-Johnson) and their mutual girlfriend O (Blake Lively) are soon involved in a war that cannot end well. Directed by Oliver Stone, and a very unusual movie! Rated 18A.

  • 3. THE WATCH:

    Aliens have invaded the neighbourhood (I hate it when that happens) and it’s up to a neighbourhood watch group to stop the invasion. A more dysfunctional group we will never see. This ragged bunch of guys, doing the watch thing mainly to just get out of the house, are not exactly fearless alien-slayers. Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill are the stars, along with Will Forte … the script was co-written by Seth Rogan, so you can guess what you’re in for – a lot of sex-and-body-part jokes, and a number of profane situations. Rated 18A.

  • BRAVE:

    Don’t stop your movie when the credits start … there is another scene right near the end of the credits that puts a finishing touch on something that happens earlier in the film.

DR. NO (1962):

Sean Connery’s first turn as 007 is always worth revisiting. Jack Lord plays a fellow operative just a few years before he became McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O.


    Easily the best of the Bond movies so far with great action and a tremendous story.

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