November 9 DVDs

    James Bond is back from the dead in this 23rd in the series of an incredible franchise. Daniel Craig stars!

  • 1.RED DOG:

    Not your normal dog movie, this is an Australian film with an American star (Josh Lucas) and an Australian one (Rachel Taylor of 666 Park Avenue) that follows the adventures of a real-life red dog (an Aussie breed) which did some remarkable things in a little mining town in the Outback in the 1970s as he looked for his long-lost master. Helping to both organize, and reunite the community, the dog star here (actually three dogs, but that’s showbusiness) stands out above the human performers with some of the best lines … and he doesn’t even talk! Rated PG.


    A “small movie” with a big cast that didn’t get a lot of distribution in theatres tells the story of a fireman (Josh Duhamel) who witnesses a murder in a convenience store by organized crime king-pins, and is put into the witness protection program until such time has he will testify. Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, 50 Cent, and Vincent D’Onofrio round out an excellent cast. Directed by Dave Barrett who is currently directing the new comic book hero series “Arrow,” and who directed the spooker “Orphan” out last year. He also directs TV’s “Castle. Rated 18A.


    Out early in preparation for the Holiday season, this animated feature from last year at this time tells the story of Santa’s underachieving youngest son, Arthur, who helps young viewers understand the answer to the perennial question, “how does Santa deliver all those presents in just one night each year?” It’s all about technology … and all is well until Arthur learns that, out of the hundreds of millions of kids who got gifts on this particular Christmas, one was overlooked. Quality control says that’s okay – you’ll always get some misses. Not good enough for Arthur who goes to work trying to complete the job. Voices of Bill Nighy, James McAvoy (Arthur), Hugh Laurie, and Laura Linney. Rated PG


    Good turn here by Bruce Willis as the FBI man who steps in – and breaks a few heads in the process!

OLD YELLER (1957):

Tommy Kirk is the little boy who with the big yellow dog that fights a wolf, and takes care of his family … still, after 55 years the most disturbing “Family” rated movie I have ever seen … even now!


    Outstanding portrayal of a real-life (mostly) event


    Ultra-violent martial arts film, visually stunning


    Okay animated feature about an arcade character come-to-life –
    sort of.

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