October 12 DVDs
  • ARGO

    The Iranian Hostage crisis from the ‘70s directed by Ben Affleck


    Kevin James as a high school teacher turned cage fighter


    Colin Farrell in a tale of mayhem and murder


    A horror thriller starring Ethan Hawke.


    It’s a long time since Ridley Scott directed the original movie “Alien” (1979), but it was worth the wait for this prequel that dovetails perfectly with the original to the extent that I think it’s a must to watch them together, Prometheus first, then Alien. Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) is one of several crew members sent on an intriguing mission to an alien planet. Soon, strange events begin to change the complexion of their mission, and it becomes evident that not only the crew’s lives are at stake, but perhaps the lives of all of humanity. A masterpiece of science fiction!! Charlize Theron and Guy Pierce also star. Rated 18A.

  • 2. ROCK OF AGES:

    Based on the hit Broadway play, Tom Cruise gets all the attention for his performance as a head-banging hard-rocker in the era of hairbands, but the movie really belongs to Diego Bonita and Julianne Hough who are the boy-girl relationship that make the wheels turn. She’s a small-town girl who comes to the big city looking to make it in showbusiness, and he works in a club where hopefuls wait tables while looking for their big break. I thought the movie was much better than the stage play. Far from perfect, but good performances from Bonita, a newcomer, and Hough from Dancing with the Stars. Cruise does a good turn here as well. Rated 14A.

  • 3. THE RAVEN:

    John Cusak stars in this tale based on the Edgar Allen Poe story … in fact, Cusak plays Poe, who hooks up with a Baltimore police detective (Luke Evans) to help crack a series of murders that are most suspiciously parroting Poe’s stories. When Poe’s lover becomes the next target, the heat is on to catch the murderer. Rated 14A.


    I loved this film! Prometheus was one of the Titans of Greek mythology who, for giving fire to humans, was punished by Zeus by being tied to a rock for eternity, and having an eagle feast on his liver each day … only to have it grow back overnight, with the process starting again the next day. Pleasant!

ALIEN (1979):

Henry Fonda’s final movie, and one for which he won the Best Actor Oscar. James Stewart wanted the role, but Jane Fonda had scooped up the rights to the story, and was able to have her father cast. Katherine Hepburn, Jane Fonda. What a cast!


    Excellent Tim Burton romp with an undead dog!

  • TAKEN 2

    Liam Neeson remains an excellent choice for an action hero in this thriller.

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