for June 29 DVDs

    Channing Tatum as a male stripper


    Romantic comedy with Chris Pine, but with a difference

  • TED

    Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and a teddy bear that comes to life.


    Sam Worthington (Avatar) is back again as Perseus, half man, half god, as Greek mythology comes to life once more.  When we left Perseus in 2010’s “Clash of the Titans,” he had dispatched the Kraken, made peace with his father Zeus, married a human woman, and with his new son, chose to live the idyllic life of a fisherman.  His wife has died, and Perseus, now faces a new challenge as his father has been captured and is held in Hades by his nefarious half brother and Hades, god of the Underworld.  When family calls, Perseus responds, and soon he is back in hand-to-hand combat with all manner of mystical enemies, including fire-breathing dragons.  For what it is, pretty entertaining! Rated 14A.


    Julia Roberts is the evil queen in this gentler retelling of the Snow White story than the one with the Huntsman, currently in theatres.  Lilly Collins (Phil Collins’ daughter) is excellent as Snow White, who, while fleeing the evil Queen, seeks shelter with the seven dwarfs in the forest.  Armie Hammer (The Social Network’s Winklevoss twins) is the handsome Prince, Nathan Lane is the evil queen’s henchman with a conscience – he takes Snow out in the forst to dispatch her, but cannot do the deed – and Sean Bean is the good king, father to Snow White, who is dispatched early on by the evil one.  And the dwarfs are the real thing, played by actual little people, so there was no protest by their lobby as their was for the “full size” dwarfs in the Huntsman movie.  Good fun, and Julian Roberts is deliciously evil.  There is a great Bollywood number during the closing credits. Rated PG.   

  • 3. 21 JUMP STREET:

    A disappointing remake of the ‘80s TV series starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as a couple of slackers in high school who somehow manage to get into the Police Academy and emerge as a couple of slackers on the force.  It’s hard to buy most of what’s being sold here, and our pleasant memories of the original series are only sullied by the cheap sex jokes and foul language … of course, the demographic at which this is aimed quite liked the movie and thought that the original series was a waste of time.  All depends on how you look at it.  Watch for the bearded motorcycle dude hanging out on his bike in an early scene … that’s Johnny Depp in an uncredited cameo. Rated 18A.


    For sheer fun, it’s hard not to go with Julia Roberts … who, in some scenes, had her young kids on-set with her, under her big, queenly dress!


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    Not that I believed any of it, but a pretty fair vampire movie!


    Excellent Scottish Princess in this outstanding Disney-Pixar animated film.

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