for June 8 DVDs

    Ridley Scott’s “prequel” to Alien … a sci-fi masterpiece, sight unseen!

  • 1. SAFE HOUSE:

    Denzel Washington is excellent here as Tobin Frost, a high-risk fugitive with a mysterious past, and Ryan Reynolds does perhaps his best work in years as Matt Westin, the low-level CIA agent tasked with looking after a nothing-ever-happens-here safe house in South Africa.  Weston is surprised by a visit from agents with Frost in tow, putting the fugitive in the custody of the rookie … and it’s not long before the safe house is raided, all the other agents are killed, and Westin has to make a decision – cut and run with his prisoner, or stay and die.  Soon they are on the run and the plot spins out like a spider building a web with layer upon layer of intrigue.  This is a terrific film and well worth a look! Rated  14A.

  • 2. ACT OF VALOR:

    A great action-adventure thriller in which real-life Navy Seals play all the parts of the on-screen Navy Seals.  They aren’t great actors, but most of the film consists of action sequences, and when these guys jump out of a plane, they are really doing the deed – no special effects – and when they scuba dive by night off a submarine, same thing – it’s all real.  Based on actual events, a team of Seals is tasked with rescuing a kidnapped operative, and in so doing, uncovers a world-wide terrorist network that must be stopped.  Great action, and the real thing in every category! Rated 14A.   


    B.C. native Taylor Kitsch is John Carter of Mars, a regular 19th century earthman who finds himself inexplicably on Mars and in the midst of a major war between two alien races.  This holds the record, at this point, for the biggest financial disaster on film, surpassing the Heaven’s Gate debacle by tens of millions.   You cannot blame Taylor Kitsch for this.  He is at his swashbuckling best in this story based on the Mars novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  The story has all the elements – the Martian princess for whom he falls, a slate of villains that would have his head, and a conspiracy set to change everything.  This one got a bum rap in the media, and a bum rap at the box office – it’s a good story with great special effects and good performances. Rated PG.

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    Pay careful attention to the scenes in which Tobin Frost is waterboarded.  Denzel Washington actually subjected himself to the real torture for the sake of realism.


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    A very dark, scary version of the Snow White story – Charlize Theron is great!


    Lacrosse as a movie sport?  It works!


    Cheesy sequel to what was a bad movie to start with.

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