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    Based on the board game, this one has huge special effects and major aliens


    A romantic comedy of sorts that will make having a baby a more frightening experience by all who see this!  Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez star.


    If you recall the recent Oscar telecast, you’ll remember the Best Actress nomination for Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs, in which she plays a man … well, sort of a man.  A man on the outside, but a woman on the inside.  Struggling to survive in 19th century Ireland, a place where independence in women was frowned upon, Close’s character dresses as a man so that she can get a job as a butler in a high-end Dublin hotel.  Things go swimmingly until a handsome painter catches her fancy. In order to attempt a relationship with him, she will have to extricate herself from the lie she has been living.  But is it too late?  A very unusual, and interesting film. Rated  18A.


    The title refers to the camera and contents found after the fact that chronicle the action in this movie, in yet another Blair Witch-Cloverfield idea.  Three teens make a strange and intriguing discover, which they capture with their camera.  But soon, they begin to feel strange effects, and learn that they have acquired strange and formidable powers.  Will they use their superpowers for good?  Not these boys, who find that they can throw a car of the road with a gesture, and can read minds.  They begin to run amok, and that can’t end well.  Shot in South Africa, Seattle, and Vancouver, a no-name cast works its way through something of a nowhere movie. Rated 14A.   

  • 3. RAMPART:

    Woody Harrelson is not a nice man in this film that follows the ugly exploits of LAPD office Dave Brown, last of the corrupt, lying, cheating cops that were exposed when internal investigations yielded an ugly underbelly at the Ramparts division of the police department.  Dave murders a date rape suspect, just to be sure that, should he not be convicted, he wont’ be around to do his dirty deeds again.  His personal live is no better.  He lives with two of his ex-wives, both sisters, in order to keep the kids in touch with all their parents … and he sometimes brings other women home.  Not a pretty picture!  Anne Heche and Cynthia Nixon co-star. Rated 18A.

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    Glenn Close not only stars in this one … she co-wrote it, she wrote the theme song for the picture, and she produced it.


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    Despite being overshadowed at the box office by the Avengers, this Tim Burton story was a wonderful romp!

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