for April 6 DVDs
  • TITANIC 3D (Wednesday)

    James Cameron has updated his 1997 film which is the second-top-grossing movie of all time.

  • AIR RACERS 3D (Thursday)

    Paul Walker stars as a pilot in the Reno National Championship Air Races.


    The American Pie group is back, all grown up, but just as bawdy.

  • 1. WAR HORSE:

    Steven Spielberg directed this marvelous story of World War I and the adventures of a young man named Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his beloved horse.  Set in England in 1914, Albert’s father buys a thoroughbred to use as a plough horse and becomes a laughing stock, endangering the ability to pay the rent on the small, rocky family farm.  Albert is able to train the horse to the job and is devastated when his father is forced to sell it to the army at the outbreak of the war.  He follows his lost steed across war-torn Europe hoping to some day find it.  More than 5 million British horses died during WWI, and an estimated 8 million in all.  A difficult movie to watch for an animal lover – (who cares about the soldiers – look what they’re doing to the horses) but well worth the investment in the end. Rated PG.


    Matt Damon stars in this based-on-fact story of a single dad and his brook of kids who looks to change their lives, to get past the grief of the loss of their wife and mother, by purchasing a somewhat dilapidated small farm populated by zoo animals, including a lion, and some zebras.  Scarlett Johansson co-stars in this Cameron Crowe-directed movie that is billed as a family film, but I would suggest that parents use caution for kids under 12 as there are some sexual overtones and unsavoury language.  Cute film though!  Rated PG.   


    Based on David Cook’s best selling novel, “Golf’s Secret Journey,” a book much favoured by athletes of all types, the story here is of a pro golfer (Lucas Black) who looks to be headed for the top when a major error sends him reeling.  It is a G-rated, Christian-based story of the journey that this young man embarks upon to get his game back ... not just his golf game.  Can’t help but wonder if Tiger Woods read the book.  If not, he can rent of download the movie this week, and perhaps get right with his values and his game.  Rated G.

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  • 4. WAR HORSE

    For those who will worry about what this poor horse goes through in the making of this movie, worry less … the lead role isn’t played by just one horse, but rather by 11 of them, each a specialist in a particular task.


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    Jennifer Lawrence absolutely nails down the role of Katniss Everdeen, fighting for her life in a future North America in which young people, 12 – 17 are selected by lottery and expected to fight to the death each year.  Too violent for young children?  I would say not … anyone above 10 or so will have no problems with this great rendition of Suzanne Collins novel … it set a number of box office records too!

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