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    Dr. Suess story in 3D that will resonate well with fans


    Must be March Break … it’s an American spring break movie about a party that gets out of control.

  • 1. HUGO:

    Fresh from the Oscars, this is the beautifully-told tale of a young boy in Paris of the 1930s who is orphaned and lives behind the walls of a Paris train station.  He looks after the big clock tower, just like his father had done.  Three things come into play that accelerate the story – an automaton, a young girl, and a cold old man who runs a toy repair shop.  The delight here is that director Martin Scorsese is in no hurry at all to get through his story leaving us all kinds of time to get to know the characters, to get to know the setting, and to relish the beautifully-shot sets and settings.  Watch for appearances by Johnny Depp, Christopher Lee and Ben Kingsley. PG.


    People either like Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) or they don’t.  If you like him, you’ll howl with laughter at the abject silliness of the spy who makes Inspector Clouseau look like Einstein.  Hiding out in Asia, MI7’s oddest operative is needed once again, this time to save the world, because of an attempt on the life of a Chinese leader.  Is he up for the job?  Well, just try to stop him from tracking down the international group of assassins and bringing them to justice.  Well, bringing them anywhere, actually.  The bad guys can’t believe he’s a threat.  Of course, if you aren’t a fan, this will all just look silly.  Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) also stars.  Rated PG.   

  • 3. INSIGHT:

    It didn’t get much distribution more than a year ago when it hit a few theatres, but for fans of the spooky and the surreal, this one has a certain cachet.  A nurse working on a critically stabbed young woman has a defibrillator backfire nearly electrocuting her.  Soon, she begins have memories that are not hers.  Did the electrical discharge do something to transfer the dying woman’s memories, knowledge, and attitudes to her … and is the other personality trying to take over?  Very spooky!  Sean Patrick Flanery and Natalie Zea star.  Rated 14A.

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  • 4. HUGO:

    No contest here.  This is Martin Scorsese’s first PG-rated film in 18 years, and his first in a dozen years not to star Leo DiCaprio.


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    Real Navy Seals star in this action adventure story based on real events

  • GONE

    A serial killer thriller in which Amada Seyfried is excellent as the target


    Goofy comedy vehicle for Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd that didn’t work for me

  • GOON

    Canadian-made hockey story – too graphic for some – if you liked “Slap Shot” you’ll like this.

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