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    Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson in a sophisticated comedy


    Remake of the 1984 classic

    Remake of a remake of the 1951 original in which something scary is in the snow and ice!

    Kevin James (King of Queens) is the star here in a G-rated comedy that has the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo all atwitter when it becomes clear that their beloved keeper is considering leaving because the job (and associated odour) is hampering his love life. He decides that, in order to get a girl, he needs a different job.  The animals don’t want to lose him, so they let him in on their secret – they can talk!  And they decide, in exchange for his staying on, that they will teach him all about courtship.  Good voice cast including Donnie Wahlberg and John Turturro, and fun for the entire family … it isn’t “Out of Africa,” but it’s no dog either. Rated G.


    Still playing in some theatres, this one features Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell in a story that has the title tell the tale.  We have two guys who, in a night of drinking, decide that their lives would be much better if they chose to do away with their respective bosses by hiring a hitman to do the deed.  There are some funny set-ups with the hired gun, as these two wouldn’t know a killer from a box of movie popcorn.  Farrell is one of the bad bosses, Jason Sudekis is Bateman’s friend.  You just know this can’t end well for anyone as the action plays out.  Not a bad film – some funny lines, but a dark undertone.  Rated 14A.   

  • 3. TREE OF LIFE:

    A very slow-moving, very artsy Brad Pitt vehicle that may leave you wondering about a number of things:  what was it about?  Why would Pitt do it?  How could it be successful?  Sean Penn is Jack, the eldest son in a large, Midwestern family, who struggles with a complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt), with his family at large, and with his faith.  It’s a lifelong journey, and an in-depth character study, which is why many people just had trouble staying with it.  Definitely a film festival entry, it isn’t mainstream, but for ardent Pitt or Penn fans, that really doesn’t matter. Rated  PG.

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    Heath Ledger was originally cast to play the role of Mr. O’Brien, the part taken over by Pitt.  Mel Gibson was also considered for a role in the film, but was working on The Beaver with Jodie Foster, so he took a pass.


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    Ryan Gosling is terrific in a contemporary political thriller with George Clooney … Oscar buzz is warranted


    A pretty good boxing movie … Rocky with Robots!

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