for June 10 DVDs
  • SUPER 8

    JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) wrote and directed, Steven Spielberg produced, and the story of young boys making a movie with their dad’s Super 8 camera is all autobiographical right up until the train wreck that releases … something … from Area 51.

  • 1. TRUE GRIT:

    Nominated for 10 Oscars (didn’t win any!) this is a great remake, or rather re-imagining of the John Wayne vehicle that won The Duke an Oscar back in 1969.  The highlight here is Haillee Steinfeld, a delightful performer who has such a terrific command of dialogue that it’s difficult to believe she was just 15 when she made this film.  Haillee is his is Mattie Ross, o8ut to hire a lawman (Jeff Bridges) to go “across the river” to find the rascal what done killed her Pa.  Except there is no Beverly Hillbillies dialogue here – the Coen Brothers have crafted an articulate piece of film that is just sensational. Bridges’ Rooster Cogburn is quite amazing. Matt Damon and Barry Pepper also star.  Rated 14A.


    Adam Sandler produced this remake of the 1969 rom-com that starred Walter Matthau and Goldie Hawn.  This time the main character is a plastic surgeon, not a dentist … but he still pretends to be married, because he finds that wearing the wedding ring makes him a chick magnet, especially when he tells unsuspecting females his tales of woe in a bad marriage.  When he falls for the woman of his dreams, and she finds the fake wedding ring in his pants pocket, the jig seems to be up … unless he can convince her that the marriage is all but over.  Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman star, and it’s all good fun, if not a little predictable. Rated PG.   


    Don’t be fooled.  This is not a miracle pre-release of the blockbuster summer movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.  Instead it’s a quick direct-to-DVD rip-off designed to fool you just a little, and to cash in on all the publicity that is being generated by the new version.  Good cast though, with Arnold Vosloo (he was The Mummy), Nathan Fillion (Castle) and a host of ex WWE wrestlers.  Rated PG.

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    BC’s Barry Pepper was touted as an early contender for a Best Supporting Oscar playing a character named … Pepper … but it was not to be!


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!


    A better than average origins movie has Professor X young and with hair (James McAvoy) and a terrific cast of soon-to-be-famous mutants.  Well worth the trip to the theatre.

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