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    Russell Brand in a remake of the Dudley Moore original


    Spy assassination thriller with a young girl as the assassin


    Danny McBride and James Franco spoof knight-in-shining-armor movies.


    Much stronger box office action was expected for this Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle in which she does her own singing.  In some respects, the opposite number of the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart with the usual troubles of a C & W star – the drugs, the booze, the touring – but there is a fresh spin to this, and it’s a better film than the box office grosses suggested.  Leighton Meester is the up-and-coming beauty queen turned country star who threatens to unseat the veteran, Tim McGraw is excellent as the husband-manager. Rated 14A

  • 2. TRON: LEGACY:

    A young, digitized version of Jeff Bridges appears as his original character from the first Tron movie in 1982, and that’s the tip-off, as if you needed one, that this film is a special effects extravaganza.  Garrett Hedland stars as Sam, the son of Kevin Flynn, Bridges’ character who disappeared more than 20 years before.  Sam has taken over the family videogame business and has become a billionaire, but it is not until he stumbles into the world within the computer’s hard drive that he learns what happened to his father.  Great special effects – goes on a little too long, but overall a worthwhile rental. Rated PG.


    Don’t be fooled.  It’s no coincidence that this movie’s title and packaging  looks a lot like “Battle: Los Angeles” which is still in to-DVD quickie that is designed purely to fool you.  The premise is the same – aliens are after LA – but the special effects are cheesy and the story doesn’t hold together.  A largely no-name cast – and Nia Peeples, conspire to part you from your money. Not rated.

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  • 4. TRON: LEGACY:

    The movie was shot in 64 days … the computer effects took 68 weeks!


Despite some serious plot holes, this is a pretty good thriller.  Will you see the ending coming?  Probably!

  • HOP  

    Russell Brand is the voice of EB, son of the Easter Bunny in this live-action-animation feature


    A horror-thriller about a haunted boy


    Freaky Friday meets Groundhog Day as Jake Gyllenhaal plays a special agent who switches bodies to prevent a major train wreck.

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