for Jan 7 DVDs

    Nicholas Cage stars in a supernatural tale of medieval times.  He returns home after years of fighting only to learn that the plague has decimated his homeland.  There is just one thing that can turn things around … and the quest begins

    Gwyneth Paltrow is an alcohol-challenged country singer

  • 1. CATFISH:

    Very limited theatre release for this critically acclaimed indie production that will leave you stunned at the twist ending.  Don’t breathe a word of it once you have seen it – don’t spoil the outcome for those who have not.  It’s truly a story of our times – real life – that begins with a simple request on MySpace, then turns into a cross-country road trip in search of the truth.  Can’t say anymore than that. Rated PG.

  • 2. MACHETE:

    Robert Rodriguez directs, Quentin Tarentino produces, and a fake trailer produced as part of the movie “Grindhouse” becomes a real movie unto itself, starring ex-convict Danny Trejo (Con Air) as a Mexican Federale who is double-crossed and left for dead, making this one mean revenge movie.  Great action, lots of comic-book violence, and Tarentino’s signature love of the spaghetti western are all in evidence here.  Rated 18A.   


    Steve Carell and Paul Rudd star in this remake of a French film called “Dinner for Idiots,” slightly different title, same idea.  Rudd is a corporate up-and-comer who gets invited to one his boss’s pet projects – a dinner invitation to which you bring a guest who is a misfit at best, slightly mental at worst.  The guests are there to be made fun of, but most don’t realize they are the butt of a thousand jokes.  Carell is the oddball escorted by Rudd … and oddball who makes dioramas using dead mice to be stand in for famous people. Rated PG.

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  • 4. MACHETE:

    In the tradition of Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish, “ Clint Eastwood’s “Hang ‘Em High,” or “High Plains Drifter,” this one offers lots and lots of action … co-stars Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan are interesting … Alba has a “no nudity” clause in her contract … Lohan, you’ll see … does not.

CON AIR (1997): 

Nicholas Cage as convict Cameron Poe just wants to go home and see his little girl … but he winds up on a flight with a load of convicts who are suddenly in charge … and landing on the Las Vegas strip is one of the better special effects you’ll ever see.


    Colin Firth is outstanding as King George VI of Britain who takes the throne unexpectedly when his brother abdicates … and has to deal with a stammer that threatens to be his undoing.

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